Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Max and Miss Piggy's new niece

Last Saturday we went to visit the Humane Society so that Wade and Christina could look for a companion for their dog, Bo. I love animals, especially dogs, so you know I wanted to take them all home. Well Christina and Wade found the perfect pet. She's 8 weeks old, she's a curr/mix and her grandmother (me) got to name her. I named her Dixie. Hut wanted to name her Daisy, to go with Bo, but we didn't want to have to get a third dog to name Luke. Anyways, Dixie wasn't available to be picked up until Tuesday. So Hut and I picked her up Tuesday and we were going to meet the kids 1/2 between Winter Haven(us) and St. Cloud(the kids). That usually means McDonald's in Poinciana. Well it was storming Tuesday afternoon and Miss Piggy hates the thunder. So we decided to take the dogs with us. They love to ride. While we were waiting for the kids, we got some hambergers and we all ate.....even Dixie. Some how while we were eating and waiting, I ended up in the back seat and Miss Piggy in the front. She wasn't giving up the front seat, so once Dixie got picked up and we headed for home, I stayed in the backseat with Max. Now tell me, how spoiled are my dogs?? The dogs were glad to go for a ride and the thunder didn't seem to bother Miss Piggy while she was riding. The highlight of the day was that Dixie got adopted and has a good home.

This is Dixie after eating her hamberger. She's got her belly full. Notice the tongue hanging out.

This is Miss Piggy on the ride home. You just know she's saying....haha I have the front seat and you don't!

This is Max getting some air conditioning on the ride home. Max is kind of skittish about riding but he is getting better. Besides that he got to sit next to his Momma (me) on the way home.


Andi said...

I love that you got Dixie from the Humane Society Bonnie. It's so wonderful that she got adopted and will have a loving home.

It's funny how dogs love to ride. Our Bully thinks Gene's truck is his. Now we just refer to it as Bully's truck. If Gene's mowing the yard Bully sits in the truck and sleeps. I think he's afraid Gene will stop mowing and leave and he won't get to go!

Missy's Blog said...

Dixie is a cutie ... and you are right ... your dogs are totally spoiled.

I really think you need a third dog to name Luke ... you totally need the entire Duke clan.

Cecile said...

Hey I have a Daisy Duke over here we can pretend that they are kin:))
Cole named our rescued Beagle/Hound mix Daisy Duke after the Duke hottie:(( and thats what we call her Daisy Duke:))