Sunday, April 29, 2012

I am a WINNER!!!!

Kristina, whose Etsy shop is Vintage Rust, was having a giveaway.  She was giving away a gorgeous teapot necklace.  Well this chicky right here won!  I am so excited.  She has some wonderful things in her shop.  Check it....... you won't be disappointed.  Not only does she have one of a kind items, her prices are so affordable.  And I'm sure you can find something for you and/or a loved one in her shop.  Make sure you "like" Vintage Rust on FB too.  You can see how beautiful and simple this necklace is that I won.  This girl is a happy girl!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vintage Rust Necklace Giveaway

Andrea over at Keepin' It Thrifty, featured Vintage Rust Etsy shop on her blog last Wednesday.  Vintage Rust is giving away a necklace.  The contest ends 4/25/12 at noon time.  Sorry I waited until the las minute to share this.  Part of the chance to win the necklace is to blog about it.  Well I really cheated and "stole" Andrea's whole blog.  But it explains everything and showcases the jewelry so nicely.  I thought since she did such a good job, who was I to mess it up, lol.  So check out Andrea's blog below.  Actually check out Andrea's blog all the time.  You can find her on my sidebar.  And make sure you check out Vintage Rust on Etsy.  She make some of the most awesome, unique jewelry you will ever find.  And her prices are unbelievable.  So go on, yeah, you, go check them out.  Don't lallygag here....I have nothing else to offer.  You're gonna miss out on some good deals, ideas, and fun.  Now go, GIT!

Vintage Rust Etsy Necklace Giveaway

Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm featuring a sweet friends Etsy shop, 
She makes lovely vintage inspired handmade jewelry.

Hi, I'm Kristina, owner of the Etsy shop Vintage Rust
Last christmas I was trying to think of something more personal to make my family for a gift besides the usual gift card. I thought that personalized jewelery would make a perfect gift. My family loved my jewelery so much that they suggested that I start selling it. That, combined with more compliments provided the inspiration that I needed to start my own etsy store! I started with vintage and steampunk pieces and have quickly taught myself how to do wire wrapping and now I am deep into making resin pieces, which I really enjoy. I hope you enjoy looking at my pieces and thank you!

Here are a few things you can find over at the Vintage Rust

Antique Bronze Owl with Rhinestones Dangle Earrings by vintagerust

vintage dictionary page paper pendant necklace by vintagerust

Antique Fossil Leaf bracelet accented with a Swarovski Crystal by vintagerust

Kristina is giving one lucky Keepin It Thrifty reader a custom made teacup necklace.

How To Enter:

Head over to Vintage Rust  on Etsy and tell me what your favorite piece is.

Extra Entrys:
Become a blog follower of Keepin It Thrifty 
Blog, Tweet, or Facebook share about this giveaway.

Make sure you comment for each entry you do!

Giveaway ends on Wednesday, April 25 at 12pm EST

**** Simply enter code: thrifty15off  and enjoy 15% off your purchase**** 

Good Luck! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sheriff's Banquet

Back in 2009-2010, Hut became a member of the Polk County Sheriff's Advisory Council. This is a program where volunteers provide feedback to the Sheriff regarding matters affecting the functions of the Sheriff's office. They do this at quarterly meetings and by being exposed to the many and diverse facets of the agency. Council members serve a one year term and after that are considered Alumni and still participate in meeting and the annual banquet. The coucil must participate in ride alongs with deputies, work at the jail and bookings among other things.

Here is Hut and I for our annual banquet photo. We had Scott take one of us at the house the past two years before we left the house. This year our friend Mary took it at the banquet because we no longer have kids at home.
Here is our Sheriff, Grady Judd, with the band, Jill's Cash Box. Notice he is dressed as an old tyme Sheriff and yes, those are real six shooters at his side.Here's my handsome hunk of a husband, with Jill's Cash Box. This was such an awesome band. For those of you who are friends on FB, I put a small video of them on my timeline. They consider themselves to be a country band. It's more like country/rock. I believe this band will go far.Hut and Sheriff Judd. He's a very friendly man, but don't let that smile fool you. If you want to break the law, do it somewhere else. Sheriff Judd has zero tolerance for crime, especially those again our children.Oh look, they let me be in a picture with the Sheriff, too.

I have applied every year to be on the council since Hut's first year. This may be the year I finally make it. I certainly hope so. We've met so many wonderful people in the community and in law enforcement that have become friends already. I'm ready to make some more new friends. They will announce who makes this year's council on May 4. Stay tuned for updates. Here's hoping it's my time!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Florida Cuteness

I know ya'll think I'm talking about Layla and Rossi. But nope.......

I'm talking about these cute little guys. There daddy was blocking the street on Saturday and when I looked at momma I saw these two cute little babies. These are Sandhill Cranes. I just love how fluffy they are. And momma and daddy are very protective. Just wanted to share some Florida Cuteness!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Renaissance Festival 2012

Liz and Scott invited us to go to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival with them this year. I have always seen advertisements and have wanted to go, but just never made it. It was so much fun. I didn't take very many photos as I was just enjoying the festival. And on the day we went, they had wedding vow renewals. So of course, we just had to to that. The renewals were done at the above named "FIDDLEWORTH CHAPEL".Hut and I next to the "chapel". You can see the king's squire in the background. And yes, Hut is wearing a crown. Thank you Burger King,lol.The king's squire getting the "chapel" ready for the king.The king and his court making thier way to the "chapel".King Henry, who officiated the service.Liz and Scott also renewed their vows. It was a group renewal so we don't have any pictures of the actual ceremony. Let me just say that if you thought it was going to be a serious service, you would have been quite wrong. Lots of fun and laughter.Hut and I with the King after the ceremony. Hut and Scott trying to hit some wooden "frogs" onto some floating lily pads. No success from either. But it was fun.Alot of people take this renaissance very seriously. These 3 photos are a small parade of people fully dressed in period clothing. It was a cool day. I couldn't imagine wearing some of the outfits they were wearing if it was hot.This lady was at a game similiar to the dunk tank. She had a bustier on, but from where I was standing she looks totally "nekkid" where she is sitting.Liz and Scott at a knife throwing game. The object was to get the knives to stick into the wooden targets. I think the knives were dull. None of them stuck.King Hut taking a break and waiting for a comedian to come out on stage. It was a good show although I can't explain exactly what he was doing while telling his jokes. He was swinging some type of balls on strings. I wish I had taken at least one picture. Oh well, there's always next year.We got to see a few minutes of a joust. Here is the horse "our" knight "William" was riding. Our Knight, William. They had a booth where you could shoot archery. Scott tried it out. He hit a couple of deer, some rabbits and lot of hay, lol. Then it started raining really hard and we had to call it a day. Oh and they were selling the cutest t-shirts that said "Once a king, always a king but once a knight is not enough." Think about it and I guarantee if you let your mind go in the gutter for a minute, you will have a smile on your face.