Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's been going on

I haven't blogged in awhile although I've tried to read what's going on in everyone elses lives.  Just want to update you.  I know some of you are probably curious as to why Scott is the only one in his picture.  Well Scott is soon to be a single man again.  Seems his wonderful wife didn't know what her marriage vows stood for.  But he is doing good.  He has moved in with Wade and Diana and has a great job at Zaxby's.  He loves his job and his bosses love him, so it's win-win there.  I wish we could say we are sorry about Scott's marriage, but honestly, most of us saw it coming before the ink dried on the marriage license.  I try to get along with everyone and sometimes it's just hard.  If Liz and Scott would have stayed married we would have made the best of it.  Wade and Diana and the girls are doing good.  They are having some rough times too, but their faith is keeping them strong and their heads above the waves.  The Lord will carry them through whatever comes their way.  And Momma and Hut will help anyway they can too.  As for me and Hut, we are doing good.  Need to get back on the exercise wagon but that's about it.  Hut is doing really well as we come up on the one year mark for his stroke.  August 13 of last year.  Doesn't seem like it's been a year.  I sincerely hope that is one thing none of my friends ever has to go through.  And we are at the 6 month mark for his triple bypass surgery.  He's still going strong.  My husband is a truly amazing man and I thank GOD everyday for helping us through these tough times.  We surely wouldn't be where we are now without the Lord.  And that is about all that has been happening with my family.  So what have you been up to?