Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghouls Night Out!

Most of you know that Hut and I do the hayride every year for Ghouls Night Out. It's a City of Winter Haven sponsered event as an alternative for Trick or Treating. It's usually the Saturday before Halloween, but this year it was on a Friday night because of Halloween being on a Saturday. Anyways, we had help this year because Scott is staying with us. As usual we had a blast doing it, loading , unloading and transporting people for 3 hours non stop. Whew! This year was extra special as Layla came to visit with Wade, my nephew L.D. and his wife Jen brought Skylee and Tyler. It was awesome for the cousins to get together and for the little one's to finally meet and get to know each other. But believe it or not......we have NO pictures of that. Oh well, the fact that everyone came and we had a good time is enough for me. We did get a couple of pictures of me, Hut and Scott before we got started. I will share those with you. I have to tell you that I saw some amazing costumes and some really awesome families that dressed up together. We saw a father dressed as a scarecrow to his little girl's Dorothy. Don't know where mom was, but this just made my heart swell. And another family was Cinderella (the little girl), Prince Charming( Daddy) and the fairy Godmother (Mom). It was awesome. I hope you all had a fun, safe Halloween. I will post Halloween pics later this week.

Hogman and his Gypsy bride make another appearance.

The Joker, Gypsy and Hogman.

The Joker and Hogman.

Gypsy and Joker....eeeewwww I hated that Joker outfit.....too creepy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween is in the air.

I've had my yard decorated all month and this is the first time I've had a chance to post them. And even though Witch Hazel is not in these peictures, I do still have her in the yard...she's just right out of range of the camera. And my little ghost is not in the pictures either. Not sure why I didn't get pics of those two. Anyways, I have a few new decorations. I had to condense them this year as they are working on our road and we had to take the fence down and move things away from the road.

My front porch area. The Scarecrow is my new addition here.

And I just love my headless horseman. The scarecrow body I got at a yard sale and I stuffed everything but it's head (I tucked that in). The pumpkin lights up. The horse was one Layla had and when Diana cleaned out some of Layla's toys (she does have a birthday coming up on 11/1), I thought about the headless horseman and how I could make him. I just love this, lol.
Now off to the Pumpkin Patch.

The family looking for the right pumpkin.

Layla seems to have found hers.

Daddy found one too.

Proud pumpkin family....Diana is hiding her pumpkin under her shirt, lol.Layla really wanted this one.But she's not giving up her little one.Time to catch some falling leaves. Looks like Rossi wants in on the action too, lol.Daddy catching some leaves for Layla.Layla said the heck with this......I'm just gonna get them off the ground.Daddy helping Layla fill her bag with leaves. The town of Celebration does this every fall. It's lots of fun for the kids (and adults). At the end of November the town with have "snow" falling every weekend. Can't wait for that.

Busy weekend coming up for us. Ghouls Night Out on Friday night. Hut and I do the Hay Ride every year. This year Scott will be helping us. Yeah! Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures. Then Saturday night it's Trick or Treat with Layla. Sunday is Layla's 3rd Birthday. It's gonna be a fun filled weekend. I hope everyone enjoys theirs.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rossi needs a middle name

You all probably did a double take. Fenway was supposed to be Rossi's middle name. Well Momma and Daddy have decided they don't want that for her middle name. Nana is relieved because she was only joking when she suggested that back in June. And Nana was joking again when she said she would ask her blogging buddies for some suggestions. Momma Diana thought that was a good idea. So if you would like to suggests names for Rossi's middle name....... Keep in mind her name is Rossi Scianimanico. I would want a short middle name but the kids want ALL suggestions. There are no prizes if they pick your name, but all suggestions would be helpful in finding the right name for my new grand daugher, who is due February 3. Thanks, you guys are the best.

Pumpkin Patch

I received this in an email and absolutely loved it and knew I needed to share.

A woman was asked by a co-worker, 'What is it like to be a Christian?'The co-worker replied, 'It is like being a pumpkin.' God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to see.'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bok Tower and Gardens

We went to Bok Tower and Gardens on the 17th. I have been meaning to get this post done since then but have been busy, tired and lazy. I am just going to post pictures and make a few comments. I feel terrible that I'm being such a bad blogger. Hopefully I can catch up soon. But you all know this is the time of year that everyone is busy, busy with holidays. Anyways, enjoy the pictures. I will post the history on this beautiful Polk County Estate in the future.

Scott in front of the Tower.

Looking up the tower.

Some shots of the ornamentation on the tower and the beautiful brass door.

The Tower has/is(?) a Carrillion which is a piano that plays bells. This is Hut and Scott standing in front of a cut out of the largest bell there.

Koi fish in the pond in front of the Tower.

They have a couple of swans there, too.

This is one view from the top of the hill that the tower is on. This sight is going to be extinct soon. It's an orange grove. Most orange groves have been sold and replaced by empty houses, apartment and shopping centers. I believe it's because the children who have inherited these groves are lazy and just want the money. Only my opinion.

Scott in front of the BIGGEST Elephant Ears I've ever seen.

Some random shots of some of the beautiful plants and flowers at the Tower

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heart Scare

Some of you may have seen a quick blurb on my facebook or myspace. Thursday morning I was having chest pains that would spread to my shoulder and also lightheadedness. It wouldn't go away. So about 11:00 I told my co-worker Bill about it. He called Medical Services at State Farm. They took me down to Medical and checked vitals. They decided I needed a trip to the hospital so they called 911.
The paramedics and firemen showed up and started me on baby aspirin and hooked me up to a heart machine, then sprayed nitroglycerin under my tongue.
Then I got wheeled to the ambulance where they hooked me up with an IV drip. Another spray of nitro. Checked my blood sugar level, gave me a lecture about not taking my meds correctly and then put nitro in the drip. For those of you who have never had nitroglycerin, it causes the worse headache known to man. Everything seemed to be okay because when we left for my ride to the hospital there were no sirens or fast ride. Once I got to the hospital, they put me in a room in the ER for about 7 hours. They hooked me back up on a heart monitor, oxygen, a second IV in my other arm, drew blood, and checked my blood pressure constantly.
My dualing IVs.
My room....guess I really am younger than I think, lol.
Because the pain would not subside, they gave me a shot of morphine. What an uncomfortable feeling that is until it gets into your system. I thought I was on fire. But once it was in my system I felt great. They kept doing blood tests to check my enzymes and everything kept coming back negative. I even had an echo cardiogram where they do an ultra sound on my heart. They kept me overnight for observation. They observed me alright, every 1/2 hour. One would come in and draw blood. 30 minutes later another would check blood pressure. Another 30 minutes one would check oxygen. 30 minutes later check my vitals.....ALL NIGHT LONG. Needless to say I got no rest. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me. I do have to go for a stress test on November 2. Hopefully something will show up that they can fix. In the meantime, even though it may seem like I'm making light of this, I am scared to death. I will be watching my diet closer, even though I have sucked at this in the past. So I am fine for now....will give you an update after the stress test. I am going to try not to stress about little things. I have too much to live for.
About a month ago I did a blog about writing letters and sending through snail mail. I haven't done that since my son came home. I would like for you guys to send me your addresses to my email so that I can send cards or surprises to you guys every once in awhile. All my friends in Blogsville are the best and I just want to thank you all for being there for me through good times and bad. I love you guys.
My email is

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday was a day of surprises. And I'm so glad it was. I worked a double yesterday, which I don't really mind, but it makes for a loooooong day. My first surprise was going to my friend PEA's birthday party. She is such a fun hostess. I had a great time. Check out her blog....PEA. She LOVES faeries and she knows how to do it up right. Check me out:

How cute am I? And just in time for Halloween, lol.

My second surprise I'll have to say was the best. I was just getting into the second part of my shift and who should walk into the lobby???? Wade and LAYLA!!!! I had no idea they were going to stop by. They stayed about 30 minutes. Layla and I went to Human Resources because the ladies there just love her. And I had just bought some nail polish so Nana had to paint her nails before she had to leave. One hand is pink, the other is green.

My 3rd surprise was Scott and Jessie stopping by with food for my break last night. It was nice to have some company for a little while at work. Made the night go by faster.

I'm waiting patiently for the weekend. The FallFest at our local college is Saturday. I look forward to that every year. And on Saturday night I'm hoping to go to Celebration for fall leaves and a horse and buggy ride and finding Layla the right pumpkin in the patch. Celebration is a town Disney built a few years back. It's like Mayberry RFD. They have machines that blow paper leaves for that fall feeling. And their Pumpkin Patch is HUGE. And all year round they have horse and buggy rides. You can take the small carriage which is usually only 2 to 4 people or a big wagon ride which hold probably 10 to 20 people. The people in Celebration usually go all out decorating for the holidays, so I'd like to do that. If we make it to Celebration, you know I'll be taking some pictures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy, busy weekend

We had a busy, busy weekend at my house. It's been a looooong time since I've been able to see my nephew's 2 little ones. Skylee and Tyler came for a visit Saturday. It was fun. Tyler is growing like a weed. And Skylee is still a character. She is so dang cute(well, really, they all are). Skylee found my Red Sox baseball cap and had a grand time. Here's some pics of her being goofy with my hat.

We decided to go to McD's for lunch. Tyler had his first chicken nugget. He loves the french fries, but he really loved his nugget.

I have to tell you that my nephew L.D. was a hellion as a kid and he really hasn't changed. How he had such fun, cute kids I'll never know. I'll have to give that credit to his wife, Jen.

Hut and Scott getting in on the action!

I thought this was a cute picture of Scott playing with Skylee.

Scott, Jessie and Molly chillin' on the couch. Jessie is Scott's new girlfriend.

And yeah I finally got to see Layla. She spent the weekend at her daddy Jake's house, but we were at Wade's when she got home yesterday. Hut and I went to church with Diana and Wade and then went for a visit until Layla got home. Layla carved the pumpkin in the background with her daddy Jake. She's really proud of that pumpkin. It was good to see her since she's not coming to band practice this week either. But we will see her next weekend and the weekend after. So lots of fun times in the next couple of weeks.