Friday, July 29, 2011


This is my beautiful friend, Vicki. She passed away yesterday after a horrific, one car accident. Vicki was driving home from a 2nd job at 2:30 am and fell asleep at the wheel of her car. Her car veered off the road and hit a tree. Unfortunately, Vicki was not wearing her seat belt. She was 41 and has 2 teenage children.

She was full of life and love. Always smiling, joking, having kind words for everyone. Always had a spring in her step and she was willing to help anyone with anything they needed if she had the means. She worked alot helping people with their insurance claims. One story that comes to mind was when she went to help a gentleman settle a claim after his wife passed away. He was very depressed and the whole time she was there he kept telling her he needed to show her something. Well he finally just went into the bedroom and came out with a gun. Vicki just kept her calm and gently removed the gun from the man's hands. He did not bring the gun out to harm Vicki. I believe he was silent asking for help because he did not know what to do without his wife and I truly believe that if Vicki had not been there, the man may have killed himself. Vicki got the man the help he needed.

She was truly a gifted person and will be missed by many. God has another angel in heaven. Please keep her family in your prayers.

Stop and give your loved ones a hug and let them know how much they mean to you and how much you love them.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


This book is not what I was expecting. When you hear Area 51 you think "aliens". At least I do.
And actually the very beginning of the book mentions the Roswell incident, I guess to capture your attention. However a wrench is thrown into the equation. I won't mention what it is, in case you would like to read this book. This book is actually historical "fact" based on de-classified government information. It amazes me the experimentation our goverment has been doing since the 1950's in an area they still claim doesn't exist. It's a history book about the CIA, FBI, Air Force, various private companies working together on projects that even today, if you don't have a need to know, you don't know. And it's very disturbing to learn exactly what our government was doing and are still doing and the public really has no idea. The end of the book is most disturbing, learning what kind of experiments our government did on it's own citizens without anyones knowledge. I have to say that I am skeptical of some parts of this book, although, once reading it, some theories make perfect sense. I probably have you all confused by now, but if you love history, science fiction and mysteries, this book definitely covers all three. And there is alot of technical terms which I did not care for, as it made some of it confusing for me, since I am just a layman. I do highly recommend reading it. It will definitely make you look at our government in a totally different light.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a few thoughts

First of all I want to wish my mom a Happy 81st Birthday. That is how old she would have been if she were still with us. She has been gone for 8 years and I miss her very much.

My DIL Diana has started a food blog. It's called Chasing Flavour. The link is She did her first post yesterday and she is very witty. And I can guarantee you the food will make your mouth water.

I totally suck at trying to lose weight. Those of you who have followed me for years know this, lol. I did really good on the Visalus Shakes while I was on that diet. However I seem to lose interest in everything I try. I lost 10 lbs on the shake diet only to gain 14 back. I know I can't do dieting alone and that is kind of a cop out. But I really think if I had someone to hold my hand while I'm trying to lose it would help me. I love my husband but he really is no help. And I really need to take at least 20 lbs off even though I would love to take 50 off. I would not only feel better but my health would be better also. My sugars are creeping back up and it's scaring me, but not enough to take control. Pretty sad, huh.

One day I will do a blog about Wade and Diana's new house. They moved in in May. I have taken pictures and posted on FB but not in a blog. I am so proud of them. I am also proud of Liz and Scott. They have not purchased a home yet but they finally were able to move into a place of their own. I know they are enjoying being on their own, being able to do their own thing. So yay for all my kids.

Layla starts pre-K in a few weeks. This is going to be a hard transition for Diana I believe. It's hard to believe Layla is growing up so fast. I'll have to get some current pics and get them posted.

Hut and I are starting to get the house somewhat organized since the kids are now all out and they have taken quite a few things with them. I'm hoping to get rid of a few more pieces of furniture by giving it to Wade and Diana. Once the clutter is gone, I'm sure I'll feel better about my house, lol.

Lots of changes going on every day. So what's going on in your part of the world?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Not So Random Venting

I would have loved to share photos from Layla's homecoming with you, but none were taken. Layla's Grammy had to make everything about her and just totally ruined the mood for everyone. She kept saying that it was her idea to have a party for Layla coming home and she didn't understand why me and Grampy were doing everything. It was actually Grampy and Aunt Jessie's idea to have a party. And as far as us doing everything...I made some Cap'n Crunch chicken and Diana's favorite cookies and had Publix make a sandwich tray. I did spend Saturday night at Wade and Diana's so that Rossi wouldn't have to endure a 4 hour car trip.

I really try hard to get along with everyone. I have finally given up on Becky after this weekend. I have bitten my tongue so much that it's hanging by a string. I feel sorry for her children. I don't know many parents who will give things to their kids and then expect them to return them when they are done with them. I only expect my kids to hang on to family heirlooms. I don't care what Becky gives her kids, if they don't want it anymore she wants it back. When I give anything to my kids....don't give it back to me. Throw it out, give it to your friends, sell it at a yard sale. Not Becky, you will not throw it or give it away. If you choose to sell it you better be prepared to give her the money for it.

I don't know why I let this woman get under my skin except that she says nothing to me and Hut to our faces. She takes everything out on her kids. And nothing is ever her fault. She makes her kids choose between her and their father. If they speak to their father and she finds out, all hell breaks loose.

I have prayed and prayed about how I feel about Becky. The Lord put His arm around my shoulder and His hand over my mouth. However, I believe He knew I needed to vent and that my friends would understand a let me. So here is where I am doing my venting. I appreciate each and everyone of you and don't really expect any comments. Just pray for me that I don't finally lose it and put this woman in her place. The last thing I want to do is cause any more issues for my daughter in law. But also know that I will continue to go to family events, I don't care WHOSE idea they are, if to be nothing than a thorn in her side.

Okay now I feel better. Thank you again for letting me vent and being the great friends that you are.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing Layla

Layla has been visiting with her biological father for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS!!!!! That's a long time not to see Layla. The WHOLE family is waiting for her to come home. She will be coming home tomorrow night. After Church on Sunday we are going to having a welcome home party for her. We are all so excited about her coming home. I am just going to try to share some pictures of Layla and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Layla at Cousin Tony and Tarah's Wedding July 2009.
Layla watching the dolphins at Seaworld 2010.

Layla with her own pumpkin October 2009.

Layla at the playground in Winter Haven 2009.

Nana and Layla with faces painted 2009.

Mommy and Layla 2009

Layla and Daddy sharing a milkshake Christmas 2009.

Layla at Diana's stepsisters wedding 2009.

Layla at Rossi's 1st birthday party...she wants the camera 2011.

Layla at Bass Pro Shop looking for Grampy who always seems to get lost 2009.

Layla with a pumpking she carved with Daddy Jake 2009.

Layla the first time we met. May 2009.

Layla 2008


Layla at DQ 2009.

Layla on the carousel at Seaworld 2009.

Layla's face painted at the Osceola County Fair February 2010.

Layla with Daddy and Mommy at Old Town 2009.

Layla playing drums at Seaworld 2009.

Layla and Daddy coloring at Kool Kats, Old Town 2009.

Layla and Daddy riding the Carousel at Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla waiting for Daddy's band Under The Empire to play 2009.

Layla riding her bike home from Grammy's 2011.

Layla Batgirl Halloween 2009.

Layla at Uncle "Gotty" and Aunt "Wiz"'s wedding 2011.

Daddy and Layla at Layla's 3rd birthday party 2009.

Layla ready to box at the baby shower 2010.

My favorite picture of Wade and Layla taken at Seaworld 2009. Looks like the fish is kissing Layla.

Layla ready for the wedding 2011.

Layla helping Mommy at the babyshower 2010.

Layla hanging 10 at Universal CityWalk 2010.

Layla playing at Clearwater Beach 2010.

Another fave picture of Layla taken at Old Town 2009.

Layla jammin' to Daddy's band in Ybor City 2009.

Layla riding the horse at Fat Boys 2010.

Layla on a hot, hot night at Old Town 2009.

Layla cooling off at Seaworld 2010.

Layla playing drums at Seaworld 2009.

Layla sitting on Santa's lap. She has no idea who this really is, lol. 2009

Layla, Old Town 2011. Boy we sure do go to Old Town alot, lol.

Layla all gangsta at Fuddruckers 2009.

Mommy and Layla being silly with hats at Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla at the playground 2009.

Uncle "Gotty" and Layla Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla the painted princess. Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla having fun at the Osceola County Fair 2010.

Layla after playing "makeup" with Nana 2009.

Layla at the Strawberry Festival 2010.

Mommy, Layla and Daddy Christmas 2009.

Layla watching fireworks 2009.

Cool Layla with her new sister Rossi 2010.

Layla and olives 2009.

Layla and her ears that Daddy made her because she wouldn't listen, lol. 2009.

I sure do miss Layla.