Monday, September 28, 2009

Layla Time

Yep it's that time of week again...Layla Time! Tonight her and daddy were very late for band practice so no playground or ice cream. But that's okay. We played Barbie's and then we did make up and then our nails. Unfortunately no one took pictures of us doing each other nails. But we had a good time, being all girly ( yes, I said girly).

Nana caught Layla playing with her Barbies.

Layla caught Nana taking her picture.

Layla looks mad in this picture but she's not. She's pursing her lips to show off her 24kt lipstick.

Here she is with her stunning blue and yellow eye shadow, blush and lipstick. Isn't she just a beauty?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I saw this in an email and just had to share. Makes me proud to be an Old Geezer!

I'm passing this on as I did not want to be the only geezer receiving it.
Actually, it's not a bad thing to be called as you will see....

'Geezers' are easy to spot:
At sporting events, during the playing of the Star Spangled BANNER. Old Geezers remove their caps and stand at attention and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and believe in them.

Old Geezers remember the Depression, World War II, Pearl Harbor , Guadalcanal , Normandy and Hitler. They remember the Atomic Age, the Korean War 1950-55, The Cold War, the jet age and the moon landing, the 50 plus Peacekeeping Missions from 1945 to 2005 the Jet Age and the Moon Landing, not to mention Vietnam .

If you bump into an Old Geezer On the sidewalk he will apologize. If you pass an Old Geezer on the street, he will nod or tip his cap to a lady.. Old Geezers trust strangers and are courtly to women. Old Geezers hold the door for the next person and always, when walking, make certain the lady is on the inside for protection. Old Geezers get embarrassed if someone curses in front of women and children and they don't like any filth on TV or in movies or in e-mails.
Old Geezers have moral courage. They seldom brag unless it's about their grandchildren.

It's the Old Geezers who know our great country is protected, not by politicians, but by the young men and women in the military serving their country.
This country needs Old Geezers with their decent values.

We need them now more than ever.
Thank God for Old Geezers!

Friday, September 25, 2009


That's what I got in the mail yesterday. I have to tell you that the bestest friends in the whole wide world live in this little box on my desk. My bestest "box" friend in the whole wide world sent me a surprise that I got yesterday. She says she sent me pink because Wade and Diana are having a girl. I think she sent me pink to try to make me a girly girl, lol. But I love what she sent me. She said I was worth it....I certainly hope so.

Can you imagine my surprise when I saw this?

And then this????

Most of you know that I'm not into fufu girly things but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!

It really made my day for Cecile to send me a gift, but it blew my mind away on the gift she sent. Thank you Cecile. I love you. I'm not sure why you think I deserve this, but I'm glad you do, lol.

It had a gift card with it too. Here's what the inside said: "Congrats Bonita Fay!!! You are gonna ROCK at being a Nana! Love Ya Bunches! Cecile." You ROCK as a friend Cecile. One of the best anyone could ask for. I will say that I will NEVER tell anyone my middle name AGAIN! LOL. Thanks again for being so thoughtful. I'm so bursting with emotion that I can't really think of the right words to say.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turkeys, Car Shows, Ice Cream and Babies

I have mentioned before about the turkeys running around where I work. On Monday when I was out relieving the other Security Officer I saw one running the fence line. Well the poor little thing was trying to get on the other side to his "woman". After taking some pictures, I had to physically chase him enough to make his fly over the fence. So that romance had a happy ending. He was back with his love.

Gazing at his "love" through the fence.

If you look really close on the right hand side you can just barely see the female running by the fence.

Saturday we decided to go to the mall after finally finding some shoes and shorts for Scott. On the way Scott noticed a truck show at the local HOOTERS. So of course we stopped. This is Scott in front of a really HUGE truck. I would so drive this. And then of course the lowriders.

Then you have the ones with the really cool graphics and sound systems.
A souped up hot rod. It was a small truck and classic show but it was nice. Mostly low riders and sound systems but it was nice to see some of these there.

And of course Monday was band practice night. So it was playground and Chocolate Ice Cream for Layla. She was not in the mood for pictures that night.

Wade's best friend Bobby and his wife Kerin had a baby girl born on July 15. Well Hut and I haven't had a chance to meet Shyenne yet. (I hope I am spelling these names right, lol). Monday night Bobby and his beautiful girls came for a visit too. Here they are chilling on the couch listening to Uncle Wade and Daddy playing in the band.

Here is a close up of Shyenne. She is such a cutey and such a good baby. So of course we now have another precious "grandbaby" to spoil.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Layla Fix

Okay, so here is your weekly Layla fix. We had to take Scott to Bartow (our county seat) to take care of some things. Well we had to wait for an hour, so Grampy took us to a playground there. Who cares that it was raining, we went, we played, we had a good time. Even Nana and Scotty got on the swings for a little while (sorry no pictures, no one else knows how to work the camera I guess). This playground was nice in that it had a Tot playground for the littlest ones and a regular playground away from the little guys for the bigger kids. Of course Layla doesn't care as long as she can play.

Climbing the Jungle Gym.

Another crazy ladder to climb.

Crossing the bridge. Uncle Scott played on this with her for a little bit. He would make it bounce while she was crossing. She loved it.

And her sliding down the slide. I can't believe I got this picture. It was pure luck that this one came out as clear as it did. Look at that face.

Grampy checking things out.

Uncle Scott watching Layla play.

After the playground and getting Uncle Scott's stuff taken care of, it was back to the house for some band practice. Here's Layla watching her daddy play. For those of you who are on FaceBook, you have probably seen the same pics already. Plus there is a cute video of Layla dancing.

Layla and Daddy goofing in the kitchen.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cap'n Crunch Chicken

One of the first things Scott asked for when he got out was for me to make some Cap'n Crunch Chicken. I had this years ago at Planet Hollywood, but I don't put all the spices in it. All I do is crush the Cap'n Crunch in a big freezer bag, bread my chicken tenders in it and fry. Very easy. And it's good hot or cold. I thought I'd try to share that with ya'll but I couldn't even take a picture of the finished product because they were gone. GONE! No Leftovers! GONE! I remember making some at Wade's house a couple years ago. I fried 10 pounds of chicken that day. He had some leftovers, but not for long. Wade's dad and brother ate the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. The whole family loves it.....try it.

This is how it starts.

Make sure you blend the eggs and milk to dip the chicken in before you put the chicken in the cereal. You will have to skim the oil constantly because some of the cereal will come off when you fry. We don't even serve a side dish with the chicken. Everyone just wants the chicken.

Eat Fresh

Can you guess who the man in the green shirt is???? It's Jared Fogle from Subway. He was at State Farm yesterday with the American Heart Association. Those of you who live in the area saw on the news that he was also at the Polk County Sheriff's office for the same reason. He is such an awesome man. Very friendly, really nice. Just a down to earth, everyday kind of guy. I thought this was going to be the only picture I got of him, since I couldn't leave the office. Well it wasn't. Jared noticed that I was trying to take a picture of him and here's how he remedied that......
He bent down and looked right in the window at the camera. How cool was that. And he remembered my name even after the event was over and he was leaving. He is such a great inspiration and all this fame for him keeping weight off for over 10 years with Subway has not gone to his head. I really enjoyed meeting him.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I know this is alot late, but Happy Birthday to the Bestest Sister in Law in the whole wide world.

I told Scott this morning that we needed to call Missy because today was her birthday. We got sooooo busy taking care of Scott's issues that we didn't have time. When I got home I told Hut he needed to call his sister to wish her a Happy Birthday and he told me it wasn't her birthday. I told him yes and so he called her. They talked for a good while. So Missy, we didn't forget you....we just ran out of time. You were in our thoughts. I hope your birthday was a great one. We love you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

300th Post

Who would have thought I'd make 300 posts. Well here it is. And it's just a quick note to thank everyone for their best wishes and prayers for my son Scott. This will be his 2nd full day home. He's kinda bored, his friends all live an hour away. But he will get settled in and find things to do. I just want to say again how much you guys mean to me. I couldn't have made it through this trying time without you(and of course, Layla Sue). I know that my problems were small compared to so many others out there, but to me it was HUGE! I love you all and I'm so glad that you are my friends. Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Can you guess?????

Can you guess what the stork is delivering to Layla, Diana and Wade? For those of you who follow me on Facebook and MySpace...the cat's already out of the bag,lol. We found out Wednesday that we are having a.........GIRL!!!!
We are soooo excited. Even Grampa Hut, who didn't want to know, caved in and he's thrilled to be having a new granddaughter. We'd be thrilled either way.
I know I should have announced this on Wednesday, but I know Wade and Diana check this blog daily and I just wanted to drive them a little crazy, lol. Mean Nana. You know I will keep you all posted on the new little one as well as weekly Layla fixes.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chloe Update

This is my cousin Yvette and her granddaughter Chloe on Chloe's first day was of school last week. Some of you are familiar with Chloe from some of my past blogs. Chloe had kidney surgery on the 9th. She came home today. She is doing well. In her mother's words " Just got home with Chloe... she is doing well, her surgery went well and was less invasive than anticpated :)" So thank you everyone for your prayers. They always work for Chloe. She is such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for all of your support. Another update from my cousin:

Hi Everyone,
The update on Chloe is that she is HOME!!!! She had her surgery yesterday afternoon and is home allready. They had to reconstruct a valve on her left kidney (with her own tissue) to prevent any further reflux and lessen her chances of further kidney damage. She did remarkable well and was ready to come home. We're glad she is such a remarkable girl and can withstand so much thus being able to come home so quickly. Keep her in your prayers, please as there will be chance for infection in the next few days. I certainly hope not. Love to all and thanks for all the prayers. Yvette

Now I'm asking for prayers of a different kind. Scott goes to court tomorrow for a bond reduction hearing. Please pray that his bond gets reduced. He will be able to come home tomorrow if the Judge lowers it enough. And once he's home, you won't have to hear me whine, complain and say bad words anymore (at least for a little while,lol.) Thanks again all of you, for being my rock. I couldn't get through this rough patch without you guys.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Band Practice and Chocolate Ice Cream

Last night some of the guys in the band came over for practice. Hut told them they could practice at our house, but only if Layla came along. No Layla, No Practice. Our weekly ritual now is to play Barbie's for awhile and then off to a playground. It was the same last night. But this time Grampy threw in a visit to DQ for an ice cream cone.

A few pictures of the guys goofing. Brett, the lead guitar in the front, Jason or Ard as he goes by, in the back.
Wade getting ready to jam.Here is the ice cream girl. She is going to town on her chocolate cone. Grampy thought he was going to go buy her some candy too, but Nana said no. Gotta love this face. She may have chocolate everywhere, but she ate the whole cone. Yummy!!
Today Layla finds out if she is going to have a sister or a brother. Grampy doesn't want to know, so let's hope Layla can keep the secret when she finds out.

I also wanted to mention that Chloe is having kidney surgery today. I'm optimistic because I'm a big believer in omens and today is 9/9/09. Please keep Chloe in your prayers. I will give you all an update as soon as I hear anything.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is your mailbox lonely????

Yesterday as I was catching up on reading blogs, I read one that GRANNY ANNIE had posted about no one writing letters anymore. So what I want to do is challenge everyone who reads this to send at least one letter or postcard a month. And birthday cards or holiday cards do not count.
Send a letter to a family member, good friend, someone you haven't talked to in awhile. Write a card to a shut in, a disable vet, any one in the armed forces. I'll bet anyone would love to get something besides a bill in the mail every once in awhile. You can choose to do this the same day every month or just whenever you choose. But I am challenging you all to send one letter a month to someone. If you have kids, challenge them to do the same. It will give your computer a break and put a smile on your mailman's face.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Busy Saturday

What a busy day we had yesterday (Saturday). We were scheduled to visit Scott from 2:45 to 4:45 so decided to head out early to get a few things done. We had bought some yard toys for the kids when they visited but Skylee and Tyler don't come over like they used to. My sister Holly babysits them alot, so we took the toys to her house yesterday on the way to St. Cloud.Here is Skylee playing with this front door toy. She loved playing with it a my house. She had fun with it yesterday. Here's a picture of Tyler....isn't he growing like a weed. My nephew got lucky with these babies. They are both happy little ones.
After that it was on to St. Cloud. We were supposed to meet Wade's friend Bobby and his wife Keren and their new little beautiful girl Shyenne. But stupid me put Bobby's phone number in my house phone and not my cell phone. So we didn't get a chance to meet up with them. Hopefully next time. I gave Bobby my cell phone number to there will at least be one of us that can connect. After that mess up, we decided to grab some lunch in town before heading to the jail to visit Scott. We got a hold of Diana and her and Layla came and sat with us to visit, since they had just finished a BIG breakfast with friends Amber and Tony and their 3 kids. We made plans with them to meet up after Hut and I got done visiting with Scott.
The visit with Scott was a good one. I hated seeing him behind the glass but it was good to see he was doing good. He's just bored out of his mind. He's not big on reading so books are pretty much out for him. He did buy a deck of cards and he's been playing with some of the other inmates. Plus one of the guys is teaching him how to draw. He seems to be enjoying that alot. So that's something. We scheduled a two hour visit but only one person can go in at a time. So I got the first hour. Hut went in the second 1/2 and only stayed 20 minutes. He said him and Scott got kind of emotional. For me, it was just being nervous. I kept fidgeting with my hands and Scott kept playing with his inmate ID. I guess we didn't get emotional because we are trying to be strong for each other. I have done my share of crying and I'm sure before it's all said and done I will do more. All in all it was good. I did set up another visitation for 2 weeks out just in case. But I"m being optimistic I don't have to use it.
After our visit with Scott, with went to see Diana and Layla. Diana was shampooing the rug but when she finished we all decided to head to DownTown Disney. Poor Wade had to work a double. He got off around 8pm and drove out there to meet up with us for a little while.

Here's Layla & Diana in front of the Mickey topiary.And me and Hut looking like a couple of tourists. Thanks for taking this Diana, we don't get many pictures of us together.Layla and Nana decided to get our faces painted. Layla's is like Tinkerbelle (her fav) and mine's a bird that Layla picked out. Anyone who knows me knows I do NOT need an excuse to get my face painted. I do it even when there are no kids with me. Here I was trying to get a close up of me and Layla in the mirror, but as you can see the camera didn't cooperate.Here's Layla with her Tinkerbelle head dress. She really didn't want her picture taken with it on...but she let Nana take one. Layla really doesn't like hats or headbands or anything on her head. Isn't she just beautiful in this picture??Walking around there are many inanimate characters to have your picture taken with. Our first encounter was with Buzz Lightyear. Notice Grampy in the background trying to blend in.Then we ran into a couple of princess....Princess Layla got her picture taken with Aurora and Cinderella.We ran into Daisy and Donald (who was a little "grumpy") at the Pin Trading store.Then we met up with Mickey and Minnie on the other side of the Pin Trading shop.

Nana's favorite shop is the Christmas Shoppe. So the family let me go look around that shop. In the back of that shop they have a room that is nothing but the Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.

In that shop I met up with a couple of Gangsta Chicks and a thug named Wade. Layla and Diana goofing for the camera with these really cool hats. It was almost 11 by the time we got done. We were all happy tired and it was time to go home.