Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghouls Night Out

Hogman with Dr. Paul Bearer and Hearsaul. The original Dr. Paul Bearer was an icon in our area for many years. He hosted a Sunday afternoon movie time that was called Creature Feature. It was always a creepy movie. The original Paul Bearer passed away in 1992. This Paul Bearer and his sidekick do a fabulous job every year at Ghouls Night Out.

Hogman rides again. We were a little worried that Hogman might now be able to drive the hayride this year, but all was for nothing. He drove for 3 hours straight and probably could have for another 3, lol.

Rossi Jean waiting for Nana and Grampy to get done "playing" so she can get something to eat.

Layla Sue with her trick or treat bag, playing with one of Nana's scarves. Everyone is ready to go eat after the event. These were the only pictures I have of this years Ghouls Night Out. But be assured that EVERYONE had a great time once again.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What a weekend!

Busy, busy weekend for me and Hut. He is doing really well now and he really enjoys getting out so much more. So that's what we do. Saturday we spent the day shopping. Layla's birthday is coming up soon (November 1). Her party is on the 5th of November so we thought we'd better get her shopping done now. Next weekend is all the Halloween events so I knew we wouldn't have time then. And this cool weather just makes me want to shop for Christmas too. Needless to say we probably spent too much money, lol. We did find what we wanted to get Layla for her birthday, so I'm glad that's done. We also found a few things to get her for Christmas. And then there are those things you buy for the grandkids "just because". So hopefully we will see them soon because we bought Layla and Rossi some "just because" gifts that they really need NOW. And I have come up with some really good gift ideas for the other family members for Christmas. So that will help on future shopping endevours.

On Sunday we went to a mini truck show in Clearwater with Scott and Liz. Scott is petitioning to join a truck club called Freaks of Nature. He goes to alot of shows to support his club and we go as much as we can to support the club too. The event this past weekend was to help raise money for a fallen mini trucker. Courtney Halloway passed away a few month back and left a young family behind. He was a writer for Mini Truck magazine and he was a vital part of bringing mini trucking to Florida. He was an avid mini trucker back in the 1980's when no one even knew what mini truckin' was. All proceeds from the weekend show, 100%, went to Courtney's family. Scott was the "official" photographer for the event, using my camera or I would share photos with you. Most of the vehicles there were AWESOME! There were a few that were still under construction. There was even a young boy who took his little red wagon, lowered it like a mini truck, painted it green and put skulls all over it. Starting young. The group that put on this event actually awarded this young man a trophy for his wagon. That was just awesome. The mini truckin community is definitely family oriented and you can feel good about taking your children to their events. Hut and I enjoy going to them. Quaker Steak and Lube ( yes, Steak) is the restaurant that donated their parking spaces for this event. They also donated 15% of their sales to the event. There were also raffles and t-shirt sales. Another day i spent WAY too much money, lol. Oh and I tried to buy Scott a Christmas present while I was there, something Liz said he wanted. Don't you know he caught me in the act. So I just gave it to him, told him he wasn't getting anything else for Christmas. But of course, that won't be the case.

On the way home from the truck show we got a phone call from the long lost grandkids. They were visiting their grandmother who lives close to us. So we stopped at the house to pick up some goodies we had for them and headed out again for a visit with them. It did my husband good to see them. They are our grandchildren by his daughter. The kids were excited to see their Pop. So it was a great day all around. So how was your weekend?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogger is at it again

Okay so I don't always leave comments when I visit your blog. But if I have something to say, you know I will, lol. I left too loooooooong comments today on 2 of my blogger friend's blogs. And they are not there! Blogger has done this to me before and it is very frustrating. So Granny Annie and Pea....I'm sorry. I just can't remember all that I had written in the comments and am too frustrated right now to leave another one. Once I cool down I will be back and hopefully can be as witty as I thought I was earlier, lol. Okay, feel better now that I've vented. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bonita Fay's Fussing Forum

That's what I think I'll change the name of my blog to. Seems I only have things to fuss about these days.

I will say I've have some fun days with the kids and grandkids lately, but without pictures (since my camera seems to be forever on loan, lol) it's just not the same blogging about it. Hopefully this weekend I'll get my camera back.

Seems to be family issues with an in-law. Nothing that is said or done can make this woman happy. She is miserable and she wants everyone else to be the same. She thinks she should be the center of attention, even at the grandbabies birthdays. Ooops, just let the cat out of the bad didn't I. No I'm not talking about me, although I do love my share of attention. Okay, I'll let all the cats out of the bag.

My wonderful daughter in law Diana, I believe was adopted. There is no way she could have been born of the woman I am speaking about. I can't even begin to describe how awful this woman is to her children, her parents, the people at church, everyone. And nothing is ever her fault, NOTHING!! It's always someone elses. The stress she puts poor Diana through is horrible. She has a FIT everytime we do anything with the kids. She says they don't spend any time with them. We live over an hour away and we usually see the kids once every 2 weeks. Sometimes in our neck of the woods, sometimes in theirs, but mostly in the middle. Diana's mother lives 5 minutes, yes 5 MINUTES from Diana and the kids. But she's always too busy when they want to do anything with her.

And then she always wants to pick fights with her kids in Church. Can you believe that? Picking a fight with your kids IN CHURCH. And when the kids tell her that Church is not the place to fight or have heated discussions, she gets all mad and walks out. She even had a fight with her other son in law right outside the Church doors, using profanity. It's truly ridiculous.

So to keep the peace and to try to make life easier for Diana, Wade and the kids, Hut and I have decided to forego any family events. That includes holidays and birthday parties. It's just not worth the stress of dealing with her. I have informed my daughter in law of our decision and I'm sure she is not happy with me. But someone needs to try to keep the peace and if Hut and I being at the family functions is going to cause this woman to go off the deep end, then I am willing, for the sake of my family, their sanity and peace of mind, to walk away. We will just have to have 2 celebrations or something to make up for it.

And this is coming at a time when my ex-husband is getting ready to be released from jail and we have issues with his girlfriend. She always tries to stir up trouble too. But I have extended the Olive Branch to them so that we can try to wipe the slate clean (even after all he has put my boys through). I just want to have a stress free time with my kids and grandkids. I'm praying I can do this with my ex and I am also praying that Diana's mother will see how hurtful her ways are to everyone and hopefully get some help for her issues. Pray that this woman finds peace in her life soon.

Thank you all for once again letting me fuss and air my dirty laundry. It's just because I know you will all have some great advice and words of wisdom.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

After Stroke Question

Most of you know my husband suffered a stroke back in August. I am thrilled to say that he is almost 100% after only 2 months. I am back to work and hopefully next week he will get the OK to go back. I won't go into any details of his stroke or his recovery for the past two months. I will say one thing though, his symptoms were not what are always posted for tell tale signs. If you aren't sure, just take them to the hospital.

With that said, I know a few of you have been through some hard times also with spouses and family members. So I have a question to ask. Once your spouse or family member was able to take care of themselves, did you feel let down? I spent two months, 24/7 with my husband. I am very thrilled that he is fine. And I was glad to get back to work although leaving my husband home alone with just the dogs cause me alot of concern since there would be no one to call 911 in case something happened. But even being back at work, I just feel.....well....not myself. I guess the best way to explain is....Christmas. All the hype, busy ness, buying, wrapping, festivals, events. Then Christmas morning after the presents are all opened....I just feel....let down. There's nothing left for me to do. I have no purpose. Well maybe not that bad. But I just don't feel like I'm doing enough or something. Almost like I'm depressed???? Even though I'm relieved at the outcome, I'm not really happy. Does that make sense? It is so hard to describe how I'm feeling. Did any of you ever have "strange" feelings after going through a particularly difficult time in your life? You don't have to go into anything specific....I just want to know that I'm not alone with my feelings.