Friday, February 24, 2012

New Rage

Isnt' this beautiful? My friend Donna's daughter Drew is getting married soon and this is the type of bouquet she is going to carry. It's called a Brooch Bouquet. Seems to be the latest rage with brides. Drew's colors are purple and silver so we are on the hunt for those colors in old brooches and other types of old jewelry. In researching these I found that some people actually mix artificial flowers in with the brooches. And so easy to make. Just hot glue jewelry to a styrofoam ball attached to the bouquet base. I think these would be pretty just sittin in a vase. What do you think?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Pics

As I was deleting photos from my work folder I ran across some I had never posted. So without further adieu I am posting them. I believe they are some pics from a couple of different trips to Old Town in Kissimmee, FL for their Saturday Night Car Cruise. I will try to narrate some of the pics.Rossi being "gansta" in Grampy's hat.
Proud Daddy! Playing with Daddy.Grampy pointing at Rossi's "pom poms" or as we all know them....pony tails.
Not sure what kind of truck this is, but Wade liked it and took this picture. I'm thinking it must have been raining or at least sprinkling.
This is what Wade's Chevelle should look like. He's been working on it alot lately. Wade's Chevelle is a 4 door. We just LOVE it! I believe this to be a Chevy II which later was renamed the Nova.And who doesn't know a Chevy Belair when you see one?This is a Karmann Ghia, made by Volkswagen. Their version of a sports car.These two pictures are of an original FIAT. Isn't it cute? We have a Fiat dealer in town and the new ones are not this small. Last but not least is this picture of the girls. Sorry Diana's head got chopped but Wade was the photographer, lol. We had just played the water gun game and won a blue dog for Rossi. We played again and got one for Layla, too, who also wanted a blue dog. We always stop and play this game because we are usually the only ones playing and that way we ALWAYS win something for the girls.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Crush

A few people really liked my first kiss blog so I thought I'd you remember your first crush? My first crush was in the second grade, yes I started young, lol. His name was Donald and I just thought he was the cutest of cute. I followed him like a puppy dog all year. We moved in the 3rd grade to a new town, so I'm sure Donald was relieved, lol.

That first crush was only the beginning. I was what people would call "boy crazy" growing up, "falling in love" as often as the dates change. And my one and only crush on a celebrity was Donny Osmond. There was not an empty space in my bedroom for all the pictures. Couldn't even look in the mirror as it was covered with pictures too. And I would scan the TV Guide every week to see if Donny or the Osmonds were on any TV shows. Back then they were on the Andy Williams show quite often. Oh yeah, I had it bad for Donny.

So what do you remember of your first crush(es)?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss? Do you remember the first kiss with the Love Of Your Life?
My first kiss was not all it was cracked up to be. Kissed a boy who was friends with my friend Mary's boyfriend. Hated it. Not romantic...he just wanted to make out. I was 14 and now realize that I was probably too young, lol.But then your Prince Charming comes along. Even the first kiss with the Love Of My Life was not in a very romantic place. But it was a magical kiss. And 20 years later, his kisses are still magic!

Our first kiss actually took place in the bathroom door way of his work shop. We were hanging out after he got off work with some of his co-workers, drinking some beers and ladies, you know what beers do to you. Numerous trips to the bathroom. Well after coming out of the bathroom after one of many trips, I was just standing there with my hands on the sides of the doorway and Hut walked over and kissed me. Definitely the element of surprise. And he told me later that he had expected me to slap him for it. Not this girl. That kiss made it "love at first sight". Curled my toes, lol. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

So did I bring back any wonderful memories for you?