Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flip Floppin'

I know I said I wasn't going to blog anymore. But sometimes you just have to. They are having a bake sale at the hospital that my soon to be daughter in law works at. Scott had baked some brownies for it, but I wanted to do something different. I had seen these really cute cookies that looked like flip flops in a Disney magazine called Family Fun. That is what I wanted to do. These are no bake cookies since you use store bought cookies. You use Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farm and Cameos. We couldn't find Cameos so we used Vienna Fingers.

Milanos. These come a variety of flavors. We used them all. There is Double Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Raspberry.

These are the Vienna Fingers. These and the Cameos are vanilla cookies with a white cream filling.

We found that icing the whole cookie made it easier to attach the "toe" pieces for the flip flops. You can choose to leave the cookies plain and just put a bead of icing to attache the "toe" pieces.

The Milanos....almost ready.
The Vienna Fingers....almost completed.
Here we just used icing to add a little dressing on the "toe" You can also use small candies to dress up the toes. The toe pieces are shoestring licorice. The magazine said you could also use gummy worms cut in 1/2. This proved to be too difficult for me, lol, so I stuck to the licorice.
Here is sampling of the finished products. On the bottom right of the photo are some Milanos with no icing. The decoration on the toe part is part of a gummy worm. On the top left are some flip flops made with the gummy worms. I just couldn't get them to do right so I just gave up. Hopefully these will sell well at the bake sale today.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Grandbaby Photos

I know these photos are small. I swiped them off of Diana's FaceBook. I just thought they were too cute not to share.This one of Rossi reminds me of the Titanic pose on the front of the ship.

Layla and sweet.
This is one of my favorites of Layla. Wade had told her since she couldn't hear what he was saying he was going to make her new ears. They look like Shrek ears.
Rossi eating a piece of pizza crust. She definitely takes after her Daddy and Uncle Gotty!
This is my favorite picture of Rossi right now. I just love this crooked face smile.
Another shot of the sisters. I hope they stay this close always.