Monday, July 28, 2008

RAK (sort of)

I just wanted to get into the fun of giving something away. However, mine has a catch to it. I recently purchased a gift basket at this wonderful shop in town called O'Keefe's. When I mentioned to the owner that I was going to raffle it off at a local event to raise money for my walk, she gave me a smaller gift package. I thought that was wonderful of her. It is a cute little coffee cup with butterflies on it and it has some goodies wrapped up in it. It looks like flavored coffees and hot chocolate, some candy and a small notebook. I would like to give this away to someone who either purchases a bracelet or makes a donation to my team's website for the American Diabetes Association. From now until August 31, everyone who purchases a bracelet or makes a donation will have their name entered to win ( yes, even those who have already donated prior to this will be included). I will pick the winner the morning of September 1. Please see the blog below for info on the bracelets. Thanks once again for all your support.


Andi said...

What a wonderful idea Bonnie! The mug is adorable!

We're having a silent auction at work to raise money for the American Heart Association and our Heart Walk. I've been going through the house gathering things to donate. The really cool part is...whatever is made on the items I donate goes to my collection total. That's important since my goal keeps being raised...yikes!!! Such good causes we support!

Missy's Blog said...

What a great idea (again!!) ... I'm sure you will be getting lots and lots of support.