Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heeeeerrrrrre's Princess!!!!!!

Here's our new addition.....just kidding. Julie gave this iron door stop to us because we have black dogs.

We survived our first night. Princess cried most of it. But Julie and them were still loading their moving truck most of the night, so I just think Princess heard them. She must have done good today in the house because nothing was tore up and no messes (if you know what I mean). I really didn't expect anything but you never know. The real test was this afternoon when we got home from work. My dogs have no collars or leashes. They go out with me and stay with me. I know Princess has been out without hers too, so I thought I'd see how she's do. Well she went running down the street like she always did when she was let out. She went into the grove we have close by that is all grown up and I couldn't see her. But she came as soon as I called her. Then she thought she'd see what I would do when she walked past the house the other way. I just stood there and told her she turned around and came back. She went right into the house. Then Hut and I went out to mow the grass, trim and plant some plants Julie gave us before she left. The dogs went out with us. Max and Miss Piggy stayed at the edge of the yard because they don't like the lawn mower. Princess went for another walk down the street. I think she is just making sure no one lives in her old house. It started to rain....hard.....and she came right back to the house. I think she is gonna be just fine. And I think she will be fine tonight. She has even claimed Miss Piggy's bed for her own. We'll just have to do something about that because it's not fair to Miss Piggy. All in all....I think this adoption is going to be a success. Princess. She's a little wet from the rain. And as you can see....she is on Miss Piggy's bed.

And here's Miss Piggy......she is NOT happy that Princess is on her bed. You can tell she was caught in the rain too.
Max at the door......he wasn't about to get wet. He won't even cross wet grass in the morning....I have to pick him up and carry him to the street or he won't go potty. My dogs are NOT spoiled.


Cecile said...

I see Rotten Furr-Babies here!!!!
What a sweet addition to your family:) I know that Princess will appreciate having such a good new home to live in:)

Cecile said...

Oh, You are BAD...You had me going with the doorstop..I was beginning to think that your new Baby was iron:))

Andi said...

Love the cute little door stop!

I think it's so nice that you're providing a good home for Princess. I'm sure she'll be happy there. You must not have much traffic on your street. We don't have much but I always worry if Bully is outside in front of the house. The back is all fenced so he's okay there.

*Jilly* said...

Oh my! At first I that dog looks a little stiff! ha:)

She looks like she is fitting in very sweet of you to make her a part of your family.

Missy's Blog said...

Princess is very cute and will fit right in with your family.

Since Pricess has taken to Miss Piggy's bed maybe Miss Piggy could get a brand new bed? Maybe that will help with the trasition? Oh I don't know!

I just know it's all gonna work out.