Friday, August 15, 2008

Jiffy Pop

How many of you remember Jiffy Pop popcorn? Remember how cool we thought it was instead of just popping popcorn in a pan? Did you know they still make Jiffy Pop? I didn't. I thought everyone did microwave now. Well, Hut found some Jiffy Pop at Walmart the other night. So we had to buy it. We actually bought two. He's already popped one. It was kinda nostalgic seeing it pop. The only thing is.....I remember popping it on a gas stove and now we have an electric flat top. It was sooooo good to eat, too. Hope you enjoyed this small trip down memory I'm gonna go pop some popcorn.
Got some poppin' goin' on!



Gary ("Old Dude") said...

WELL DAMN!! that was an era-- (lol) have spent MY time shaking that pan over the flame---then GOD invented Orville Redenbacher---and life was good.(I don't remember who invented Microwave machines---but pretty sure it wasn't Gore??

*Jilly* said...

Very cool!
I will try to find some here..I think my kids would be very amused:)

This would make a great scrapbook page..btw!

Andi said...

Cool beans!!! I remember Jiffy Pop but hadn't seen it in years. I'm sure Jilly would find that it amused her children...I always thought it was great.

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... what a trip down memory lane. I had completely forgotten about Jiffy Pop Popcorn.

We used to have one of those electric popcorn poppers too. I remember we had to put oil in the bottom and then add the kernels. For some reason it seems like we did this alot on Sunday nights.

I love popcorn ... and Griffin has just discovered the White Cheddar Pre-Popped Popcorn in the bags. He LOVES that!!

Sue said...

I remember Jiffy Pop! I can remember being at a slumber party and we made it. I also remember making it on our electric stove. You had to keep it moving or the popcorn burned....never did like that
How are ya doin on the diet? -5.5lbs so far myself...been on it for 7 days now.

Bonnie said...

Sue, I am doing terrible on the diet. I guess I should say I"m doing terrible with the exercise. I am better watching what I eat and I'm not snacking as much, but I'm still having a problem with motivating myself with exercise. Congrats to you, though for doing so well. Maybe you are the motivation that I need. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

OMG i love jiffy popcorn it is my science project