Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am working in Tampa this week and part of next. I went from 14 miles round trip (and carpooling) to 104 miles round trip. Thank goodness I am getting mileage and overtime. But the traffic is gonna kill me. It takes 30 minutes to get 5 miles. I hit a little bit of rush hour traffic in the morning because I have to be there at 8, but I don't get off until 5 and so does everyone else. The building I am working in is beautiful. In the atrium (which is right outside my office) there is an awesome fountain. Makes you feel like your by a babbling brook. The outside is loaded with old trees, lots of them, which makes me think they meant to build with the least amount of invasion of nature that they could. Plus the airport is nearby so the planes are really cool to watch taking off. I tried to get a picture of some this afternoon but they were flying right next to the sun so the pics wouldn't come out. I'm gonna try again in the morning. Tampa is a big city on the west coast of Florida. I believe she may be the only place that didn't get any kind of weather from Fay. I am not a big fan of cities, mainly because of the traffic, so working in Tampa this week is somewhat of a challenge for me. I only have 5 days left to work there. Honestly, though, if it wasn't for the traffic and the long drive, I would probably stay there. The people there are wonderful, very friendly and they like me too :)! At least I know I can go back and fill in and visit with friends.

This is the fountain in the middle of the building. They have some tables and chairs set around it so you can enjoy it.A not so great shot of the parking lot. I just wanted to show off all the tree.

This is the traffic I have to merge into every afternoon.I managed to get in....we travel between 5 and 12 mph for about 6 miles.

And another shot of all the traffic. I don't think there are this many cars in Winter Haven at one time.


Andi said...

Ugh!!! A commute to Tampa in rush hour traffic and the malfunction junction merge from I-4 to I-275 is no fun!!! Be careful on the roads out there. Do you take the Polk Parkway to 4 or Highway 60? We always take 60 to the Tampa airport and prefer it over I-4 but Brandon can be a nightmare at quitting time.

Looks like a pretty place to be working though...love the fountain. Water features are always calming to me.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

The traffic pics look alot like everyday traffic here in LA, and yes I can agree not a fun commute. I also keep forgetting to turn my volume down when accessing your site. Not being on DSL the audio you play comes through in two second bursts, three of no sound, another 2 seconds of sound----so one can't really appreciate the audio. (Thats MY problem so don't sweat it---and it makes your site load up real slow for me too)-----love th fountain, loooks like you got an ideal workplace invirionment.

*Jilly* said...

Yuck! Reminds me of Nashville traffic!

I love the view:)

Bonnie said...

I take I-4 all the way. Didn't want to have all the traffic lights to worry about on 60. Only 5 more days of that.

Missy's Blog said...

You must have to merge into Malfunction Junction. That's a scary place (for me) to drive ... and I do not wish it on anyone.

Do you remember when I wouldn't even drive the interstate and would only take back roads. LOL!

The facility and grounds look beautiful and I'm glad you are having fun while you are there. Those folks in Winter Haven are missing you I'm sure!

Bonnie said...

I first merge on from Westshore onto I-275 and then I have to merge onto I-4 at Malfunction Junction. That's not too bad though. Now that I know which lanes to be in when...it makes it a whole lot easier. This morning it took me an hour and 45 minutes to get to work. Glad I only have to put up with this one more week.

Cecile said...

Oh girl I feel for you it sounds like Atlanta traffic...You know that you are one AWESOME blogger when you take pics of the congested traffic just so your friends can get a feel of have the traffic sucks...Sorry you have to endure that mess!!

Sue said...

UGH! I hate to drive in traffic like that! Reminds me of the comute I had to do in CA when we lived there. Glad I only work 2.5 miles from home now...nice short 7 minute drive. Take care and be safe.