Monday, October 27, 2008

'Tis the season.....

Well almost. After reading Granny Annie's blog the other day, where she was showing off this great cross, I went to Jamie Dawn's blog to check out these really neat crosses that she makes. Not only did I fall in love with the crosses, I thoroughly enjoyed her blog. I want to share her link and photos of her crosses just in case you are looking for that special event, or unique gift, or even stocking stuffers for Christmas.
Jamie makes cross necklaces out of four nails and colored wire. They come in 25 colors and cost $10 each or 3 for $25. You can order them by contacting her email address: And make sure you check out her blog at Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather .

And for those of you who love scrappin' my sister in law, Missy and my very good friend, Cecile, have wonderful scrappin' goodies for sale on their websites.

My Ebay Store and My Paper Piecing Blog are two of Missy's creative stores.

This is a very small sampling of Missy's Paper piecings. She does both boys and girls in most of her work. She also does alot of one of a kind paper piecings. Check her won't be disappointed.

My friend Cecile actually does layout pages for scrapbooks. Her layouts are fantastic. I have bought quite a few myself because I haven't scrapped in about 10 years and my creative juices just aren't flowing. So having her layouts is going to be a big help to get me going again. I got the layouts I ordered from her in the mail today. They are superb and I can't wait to use them. She also puts wonderful cards and gift tags in her store that her sister in law Trina makes. These are wonderful too. I fell in love with her Christmas cards and bought some. I got them in the mail today , too and I have ordered more already. You can check out Cecile and Trina's goodies at Scrappin Cecile's Creations~ .

These are two samples of Cecile's layouts. She does a fabulous job with all of her creations. I absolutely love the "so stinkin' cute" one. I may have to buy it and then find some pictures to go with it later, lol.

These two are some of Trina's talent. The top photo is her "Give Thanks" fall cards. Very unique. And the snowmen are just a sampling of her Christmas gift tags. These are so adorable.
I hope you liked this small shopping trip. I figure it's never too early or too late to shop for loved ones. Please make sure you check out these very talented ladies.


Andi said...

You've got some talented friends Bonnie! Lucky for me...I have them too!!! Such cute and creative things they make!

Cecile said...

Thank you so very much!!You are the best:))You aint to shabby yourself!

Missy's Blog said...

Bonnie would never, ever say this about herself ... so I will say it for her!

She is one of the MOST creative people I know. I've encouraged her to put some of her crafty things on her blog. I hope she will!

Jamie Dawn's crosses are really pretty ... she is very talented.

Cecile makes THE most darling paper piecings and layouts too!!

Thanks for the link to my stuff Bonnie ... you are THE best!

Missy's Blog said...

Okay ... just another little something, something ...

Since Bonnie has share my link with her readers ... if you stop by my Ebay Store or even my Paper Piecing blog and order ... let me know Bonnie sent you and I will offer free shipping!

Granny Annie said...

It's great to see such attention to entrepreneurship. You are a good supporter Bonnie and we hope you will show some of your own crafts. These blog sellers better watch out in case you start wanting a commission! LOL