Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cypress Gardens.............Page 3

Okay here's the long awaited 3rd post on Cypress Gardens. But first I have to say, as we speak, my wonderful SIL, Missy and her family are on their way here, YIPPPEEEEEE! I can't wait to see them.
There, got that out of my system. Oh no, wait, I feel another coming dear, sweet, thoughtful, blogging friend Cecile and her mom will be here next Friday for a lunch visit, YIPPPEEEEEEE! So much excitement this week. Whew, now I think that's it, couldn't stand much more. On to Cypress Gardens.
Today we will take a short journey through the Topiary Gardens and check out some of those belles. I have to be honest with you......the day we were there, we did not see one I had to borrow photos from Audrey.....thanks Audrey, your the best. Plus, in my eyes, Audrey was the most beautiful belle out there, ooops sorry Chelsea, you're a close second.

It is a little chilly this morning, so as you can see, Audrey is wearing her winter covering.

The first thing you see as you leave the ski stadium and head to the Topiary gardens, is the waterfall. This is probably the second most photographed spot in the park. It's usually brimming with colors from flowers but we weren't so lucky today. It's still a beautiful spot.

Oh, look, Audrey thinks it's warm enough to remove her wrap (I think she's nuts,lol). She wants us to hurry so we can see the beautiful topiaries.

Oh look, it's a duck, all nestled in her nest.

Oh look at that amazing peacock.....isn't he spectacular!

Well look who has joined us....Chelsea. And not to be outdone by the topiaries, Audrey has changed to another beautiful belle dress. You ladies are absolutely gorgeous.

Here's a really slllloooowwwww moving snail. I have to say, while the topiaries are really nice, I wish they would have waited to remove all the beautiful flowers that surround them.

Well here's some beautiful flowers.....Audrey got some of her friends together to give us some vibrant colors on our tour......thanks, ladies

Here's our tour guide patiently waiting to take us on walk.

Come on ya'll times awastin'.......

Look, there's Peter Rabbit....well maybe not Peter, but a close relative.Audrey, you really don't need to keep changing, but we are enjoying all the different belle dresses. What's that? Only one more animal....well let's go.It's a seal! And the ball on his nose is really spinning. How magnificent. What's more topiaries???!!. Well then, lets head up to the village or maybe to the rides? Well lets think about the next place we want to visit.

Thanks, Audrey, for taking us through the Topiary gardens and showing us all the wonderful outfits you ladies have to choose from. Thank your friends too.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

very nice indeed. good post (hard to believe that those southern belles really dressed that way back in the time----they hadn't invented dry cleaning yet---what am I saying??---they hadn't even invented the Chinese Laundry yet!!(lol)

Sue said...

I just loved your tour Bonnie! Will ya do me a really BIG favor? When ya see Missy...will ya give her a hug and say it's from me? Thanks!!

Andi said...

Love your post Bonnie!

Looking forward to lunch next week!

Cecile said...

I have really enjoyed the tour!!
Thanks for sharing!!
I am looking forward to seeing You and the gang real soon!!!

Granny Annie said...

Great tour!

Trina said...

Thank you for the great tour. We are very fortunate that you are will to share with us. All the pretty Southern Belles and the gowns were beautiful.