Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scrappin' Bonnie

Yep, that really is a scrap book!
I am gonna take the plunge. I am tired of being the odd man out with all you scrappers. Sorry, Missy, I know you think I'm blogging about my first layout, but no. I'm just gonna show off everything I got from some friends and what I bought today at my LSS. Hope I don't bore you veterans or those of you who don't scrap. Wish me luck, because I haven't scrapped in about 10 years.

The top photo are some layouts that my good friend, Cecile, makes. I just recently got those from her. The next pic has those layouts and some paper piecing and tags. The fall tags in the upper right corner I got from Cecile (I know they are kinda hard to see). The "fall fun" and sunflowers I got from my sister in law Missy. She make great one of a kind paper piecings. You should really check these two creative people out.

Trying to think ahead of events I will be going to, I found these adorable embellishments. Thanksgiving dinner, a cookie swap at my cousin's and photos with Santa (wink, wink).

I found some great Christmas paper. I love, love, love this vintage looking paper with all the Santa's on it. I'm thinking about just framing it and hanging it.

This is my new little corner of the world. This is in my computer room. We moved the small kitchen table out there so I thought what better place to scrap. The nightstand next to it goes to my husbands bedroom suite, but he didn't need it. It's perfect for all my scrapping supplies. Now if I can just keep the cats off everything.


*Jilly* said...

Go Bonnie got some great embellies! I love the Santa paper too..

Happy November:)

Andi said...

Love all your scrappin things Bonnie! The Santa paper is adorable and so perfect for Santa's wife...guess that would be you, Mrs. Claus!!! Have fun creating pages.

Marla said...

I am visiting you via Grannie Annie. I never have been a scrapper, although I have thought about it. I was going to make my own earrings and the stuff still is sitting here 2 years now. Do beads go out of stlye? Good luck on your scrapping adventure. Stop by and visit my blog if you have a free moment.

Brenda said...

I wish you good luck. I love all the paper and the beautiful things to scrap with.I started out well an loved it. I even attended some classes. I have gotten burned out,but still buy the things =) Maybe soon I will get some out and start again.

Missy's Blog said...

Oh Bonnie ... wooo hooooo!!

You KNOW how excited I am that you are going to start scrapbooking again.

You have some great papers and embellishments in your collection. I must say, I love that Santa Claus paper too!!

Your scrapping area is so dang organized ... you gotta mess it up a little bit with some scrapping!

Sue said...

Way to go Bonnie! It's been about 3 years since I last scrapped...and I'm dying to get started again, just don't have the room to do it now. I warn you, that cute little space you have set up will be too small in no time at all! lol Have fun..can't wait to see your first layout.

Granny Annie said...

My Sil is an extraordinary scrapper and I see what all she puts into each book. I admire all of you greatly for this art and it exhausts me just to think about trying it. You gotta be a special person.....wait a minute, YOU ARE! Have fun.

Cecile said...

Way to go Bonnie!
I am so proud of you!!
Welcome back to the scrappin world my sweet friend!!!!