Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've been tagged by Andi

My friend Andi tagged me to do a Meme. Check out Andi's blog at She has some pretty awesome "adventures".
Now here are the directions: Open a document or photo folder, choose the 5th folder and then the 5th photo in that folder. Do a post describing the photo.
Okay, so I went to the 5th folder and opened it. Guess what???? Only 4 pictures in it. So I decided to go to the 5th folder from the bottom. So here it is......
Most of you are familiar with photos similiar to this. Every year my wonderful husband plays Santa for alot of great causes. And sometimes I get to help by, of course, being the Mrs. Here we are doing Project Outreach that the wonderful Winter Haven Police Department does every year. The officers all choose children from a list provided by schools to "adopt" for Christmas. Then on the 2nd Saturday of December, Santa joins the officers in delivering gifts that the children ask for (and some they don't) and groceries for a holiday meal. Pictured with Santa is Officer Terry Bowden, who is Winter Haven's DARE officer at the schools. The young lady and her son were very thankful for their gifts and goodies. In this particular family, the father is in the military. But he used to be one of Officer Bowden's DARE students. So he made plans to be home on the day we would be there. And he was...unfortunately no pics of that. So this was a wonderful day for everyone.
Now I get to tag five friends to do this Meme. The five I pick are......Missy (of MissyMadeIt), Cecile (Scrappin' Cecile), Granny Annie(Fools Rush In), Sue(Sassy Sue's Stuff) and Brenda (Country Romance from the Heart). Okay ladies, the rules are go!


Andi said...

Thanks for playing Bonnie! Love your least yours has your face in it!!!

Sue said...

Thanks for the tag Bonnie..I love these games. I will blog about it in a couple of days, still have two days left to blog about my cruise.

Cecile said...

Thanks Bonnie for tagging me I will do the Meme this weekend.This will be fun! I hope you are warm and cozy in these frigid temps::)Take care!

Cecile said...
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Andi said...

And now I have an award waiting for you over at my place!

Happy Sunday!

annie kelleher said...

hi bonnie!! pleasedtameetcha as they say where i come from!!! thanks for stopping in and playing along... i hope you will be back! you've got a cute blog too... thanks again and i'll be stopping back :).

PEA said...

Hi Bonnie:-)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I've now added you on my Bloglines so that I can visit often:-)

I think it's so wonderful that you and your hubby dress up as Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus every year for various causes!! There's nothing like seeing a child's face when he/she sees Santa:-)

Love the look of your and a kind of blog!! hehe xox