Monday, January 12, 2009

My Friend Kevin.....World Traveller- Musician

Isn't he just the cutest?

I'm mainly doing this blog to show you all that "fat, old ladies" know some really HOT guys. LOL. I've known Kevin since 2001. He was one of my managers at Walt Disney World when I worked there and we became good friends. Kevin is a very passionate person and music is probably his biggest passion. His love for music has given him the opportunity to see the world. Kevin is originally from Franklyn, KY but he now resides in Hong Kong. Just before Christmas, Kevin and his group "METRO" came off a tour of singing on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea. What a way to live (sigh). I wanted to share with you some pics of Kevin in some of the places he has visited. And I have to tell you, since this is a blog about a HOT guy I know, it was hard to find a picture of him without a lady or ladies all over him. Kevin is 33 and YES he is single. I am going to try to remember where all these differnt pictures were taken.

This is Kevin holding up a bridge in Australia.

Kevin holding a koala in Australia with a friend. ( I believe her name is Amy)
Here's Kevin on the Great Wall of China. How cool is that?!!!

Kevin on the steps to BIG BUDDHA. Not sure exactly where that is.
Kevin getting off a plane in the Philipinnes with his friend Iroy.
Kevin scuba diving in Boracay. He's holding a blue starfish.
Kevin lounging on the beach in Macau. How sexy is that?!!!
This is either in Japan or Thailand...can't remember. Kevin with Captain Jack Sparrow at Hong Kong Disney. Dapper Kevin. He used to sing with the Dapper Dan's at Walt Disney World in Hong Kong.

Kevin now sings with a group called METRO. They are based out of Hong Kong but all of the members are from the good old USA. These guys are phenomenal. I tried to upload a video but couldn't quite figure it out. If you get a chance please check out their website: Watch the video and listen to their demo. They are an acappella group (probably didn't spell that right ,but oh well).

I miss my friend Kevin. We keep in touch as much as possible. We had many, many good times at Disney with all of our friends. Dancing the night away at Pleasure Island, then going to breakfast at Denny's or IHOP. I feel grateful to have a friend like Kevin. (Besides, how else am I going to see the world, lol)


Brenda said...

Yes he is a doll. Looks like he lives a great life.
How are things there? I have missed you.

Missy's Blog said...

Kevin is definately a cutie ... he lives such an exciting life!

Did you do WW last night?

Cecile said...

He is definately a cutie::)) And lives a wonderfully fun life..Oh my goodness I need to take a fun getaway and soon!!!Maybe in the spring we can meet up and have us some laughs...I need them...