Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Romantic Giveaway

I just wanted to thank everyone for the comments you have left so far. And I want to let everyone know that a romantic moment doesn't always include jewelry or flowers. Like Andi's comment where her husband got her the bulldog from McD's. Or Granny Annie's husband waltzing her across a shop floor. To me these are very romantic. And my husband is like Cecile's and Andi's, in that we don't think they are romantic, but he does little things that let me know he loves me even if he really isn't romantic. To me those are "romantic" moments. So even if you don't think it's romantic...share a special thing with us. I can remember wanting a flower garden for the front of my house right after Hut and I got married. I never got around to it because I didn't know what kind of flowers and I just never seemed to have time with work. Well I came home from work one day and there in the front of my house was a flower garden. Hut and my son, Scott, had built and planted a flower garden for me while I was at work. That was romantic. I think when Mike makes his famous biscuits for Missy, that's romantic. When Jeff makes his mom's recipes for the holidays, for Cecile, that's romantic. Any thing that has happened to you, that makes you feel loved, that's romance. I didn't mean to ramble on, but I know there's alot of love going on out there. Plus I'll be posting some "Love Coupons" so you can mix up some romance of your own. Feel free to print and put in a lunch box, on a pillow, on the bathroom mirror, on the steering wheel of the car.....use your imagination and have fun.
My blogs may be few and far between this week. I have a supervisors class tomorrow in Tampa, followed by Weight Watchers and then Tues, Wed, Thurs I will be working doubles....from 7 am to 11 pm. I will try to stay on top of things though.
Everyone have a great week. Spread some love!!!!


Jamie Dawn said...

I agree with you that there are many romantic moments that aren't technically romantic. Your surprise flower garden really WAS a romantic thing he did for you!!
My hubby does little things for me now and then that I really appreciate. He sometimes gets a surge of energy and cleans parts of the house or paints walls that need to be touched up. He also buys me flowers for no reason except that he loves me. That's romantic to me.

Youngco Go said...

yes,I agree with you,love is not so EZ to understand.

Missy's Blog said...

Awwww ... I love this post ...

And you are right ... Mike making me his famous biscuits is downright romantic!!