Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coconut Cake

Last Saturday we took a trip to the Ocala National Forest to visit relatives. What usually takes two hours, took four. We were unaware that there was a HUGE fire and they had some roads closed. The two ways we knew to go were both closed. So in order to visit, we had to drive 75 miles out of our way. But we just thought of it as a new adventure. We saw parts of Florida that we had never seen. Most were really small towns or just lots of orange groves and farmland. I was thrilled because I am so tired of seeing so many strip malls and housing developements being built and sitting empty while all of our natural resources are being taken away. Whew, sorry about that.....overdevelopement upsets me. It was nice to see Florida the way it used to be. I wished I had my camera with me (of all days to forget it). I was hoping to see a bear....I've yet to see one on any of my trips. Others have seen them so I know they are there. I did however see a Llama in the woods. Yes, a Llama. Not what I was expecting to see.
Now I know you are all wondering why I'm talking about the Ocala National Forest when the title of the blog is Coconut Cake. Well here's that story. Where the relatives lives is a very small town called Salt Springs. It consists of 1 gas station, 1 grocery store(not even a big chain one), 1 ice cream stand, 1 restaurant, 1 pawn shop, 1 campground, and 1 mobile home community. Not even a traffic light....boy do I love it up there. Anyways, there is a small strip mall where the 1 restaurant is located along with the post office. Every Saturday they have a small flea market there. So of course we went. There may have been 20 vendors if that many. Some had homemade furniture, others had homemade jams, jellies, pickles. One lady had tons of books. The rest pretty much had "junque". There was one table that had the most beautiful handpainted glassware. This woman painted plates, glasses, wine glasses and carafes, cake plates. Oh did I say cake plates???? Yes. My husband fell in love with one and for only $20 I made him a happy man by buying him one. So of course on the way home we stopped at the store so he could pick up stuff to make a Coconut Cake. And yes, HE made the cake. And boy is it good. So I just wanted to share a couple of pictures, one of the cake plate and one of the cake. ENJOY!
Isn't this cake plate gorgeous???? She had some with other types of flowers and some with awesome palm trees (which I would have picked but oh well). This one has pinkish, purplish flowers all the way around it.
And the piece de resistance.............Coconut Cake du jour. Can you believe only two of us have been eating that and it was only bake Tuesday night???? Wish I could send you all a piece. My hubby is the best!


Brenda said...

The cake plate is beautiful. I love coconut cake,but no one here like coconut at all. It was dads favorite so every year mom made him one. What type frosting does he use? I have been craving one so bad and they are so pretty under a cake plate. Great post.
The one thing I hate about April moving we never got to meet you!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

now thats one fine looking cake, I can see why only half of it was left by he time ya all got the camera out---(lol)

Cecile said...

The cake plate is so pretty but the cake looks to die for:)Your hubby is the best!!! I would be lucky to get a cake from wally world from my hubby:))

Missy's Blog said...

I love that cake plate ... it's so pretty!

You know how much Mike LOVES coconut cake (and pies!) ... he would be all over that. Griffin likes it too ... me not so much.

You guys are just the sweetest!

Sue said...

That cake plate is beautiful, and the cake looks yummy! How lucky you are to have a hubby that bakes!