Monday, April 20, 2009


Missy and Griffin dancing at the street party.

Well I've spent a wonderful, busy weekend with my wonderful SIL Missy. Of course, I don't take pictures like she does, so I really don't have any of us from the weekend. But I'm sure she'll blog about everything and share those pics. We had a wonderful time Friday night at the "Dance Party" in downtown Winter Haven. Griffin danced himself silly. He was making me tired. And then Saturday we got up early and spent almost 8 hours yardsaleing. Missy only spent $4. I spent close to $65 and I don't know how much Hut spent. But $20 of mine went to a really cool "North Pole" sign that lights up for Santa. And a Stage Two BIG toy for the kids to play with in the back yard. And actually I bought lunch and that was $20 so I really only spent $45 at the yard sales. Sunday we spent with some long lost cousins from Missy & Hut's Momma's side of the family. I had such a great time, making new friends and listening to family stories. I can't wait to get together with them again. It was great fun. I am exhausted from my busy weekend.
On Thursday, I spent the morning with Missy, Griffin and Hut. My doctor cancelled my appointment, so we went to Downtown Disney and hunting scrapbook stores. I had to work that afternoon so Missy dropped me off at work at 2:30. At 3:15 my son calls and he's on his way to the emergency room. He thought he had a hernia or something, his groin felt like someone kicked him, and he was just in aweful pain. So of course Mom is going to the emergency room with him. We spent the worst 5 hours at the hospital. Thank God he only had kidney stones. I know how painful those are, I've had them. But once they knew what was going on, they gave Wade a shot for the pain and he was out for the count. The worst part of the whole ordeal was waiting for the nurses to get the discharge papers to us. It took 1 1/2 hours after the doctor said we could go, for the nurses to actually release him. I am happy to say Wade's good as new. Oh and we got to see the hospital helicopter take off and land a few times. Don't know what they were patients were ever on it.

Life Flight on the ground.

Life Flight taking off. Pictures were taken from the ER waiting area. The helipad was right outside the door.
Wade, finally able to get some rest after they gave him some pain meds. He's gonna kill me when he sees this picture on my post, lol.
And a belated Easter post. We were unable to get the grandbabies for Easter, like we had planned. We did get Skylee and Tyler, my great niece and nephew (or is it grand niece and nephew?). We took them the Saturday before Easter to an Easter party at a local shopping center. They were just too small to take egg hunting. Skylee met the Easter bunny for the first time. While she wasn't scared of him, she didn't want to stay near him. Next year will definitely be the fun year for her.Skylee checking out the Easter Bunny. Skylee being silly at Walmart. We went and bought Easter baskets for the kids and Hut had to have the Tow Mater Easter bucket that Skylee has on her head.

Here's Tyler with a happy face. He had no idea what was going on but he was having a gooooooood time.


annie kelleher said...

those are great photos and i love the ones from the hospital!! :)

PEA said...

Good morning, dear Bonnie:-)

Would you believe I've never attended a street party? I know, I'm soooo deprived! lol Sounds like you all had such a fun time:-) Yard sales don't usually start up here until the first weekend in May when we're sure that Winter is really over with! lol

Oh dear, your poor son, ending up in emergency! I know what you mean about the long wait...when I got a call that my son Corey had broken his arm, I rushed over to the hospital and there began a 16 hour wait before he went into surgery!! He had completely snapped his arm in two above the elbow so I can't even imagine the pain he was in for so long. Hopefully your son will be ok now!

Such adorable pictures of Skylee and Tyler:-) xoxo

Sue said...

I'm happy that you and Missy (Mike, Hut and Griffin too) had a nice visit. I'll be here in Washington for another week, flying home on the 28th. Weather is georgous! Ya'll seem to have some really cool activities in your area.
I would have loved to see Griffin dancin in the

Cecile said...

Hey girl!!
I am so glad that your son is okay..Jeff had an episode just like that last summer and we ended up in the ER he was in so much pain and it was kidney stones and he finally passed them in small pieces(thank God. I do know it is VERY painful..I am so happy that You and Missy had a great visit:)Miss ya and we will have to talk soon:)

Andi said...

Oh poor Wade! I've had kidney stones...and I thought I was going to die they hurt so bad. I really feel for him. I didn't know what was wrong either and ended up in the emergency room in the middle of the night. I had been taking calcium and believe to this day that that's what caused them. I stopped taking it and haven't had a problem since. Sure glad he got some help and is feeling better.