Monday, May 11, 2009


As you know, Hut and I celebrated our 17th anniversary on Saturday. We had no idea how we wanted to celebrate it. Saturday morning arrived and Hut said let's just get on Highway 17, drive 17 miles, count yard sale signs and stop at the 17th yard sale. So that's what we headed out to do. I decided to take it one step further and take pictures of anything with a 17. That was harder than I thought it would be.Believe it or not, this is our odometer reading before we left...starts with a 17.
Less than a mile from the house we picked up highway 17. This is great picture because I'm from the north, Hut's from the south.

Heading towards Haines City highways 17 and 92 come together. We've been married 17 years. If you do the math, we got married in '92. How cool is that?!

A road in Haines City that took us to the 17th yard sale, lol.

This was the 17th yard sale, that just happened to be 17.5 miles from the house. We messed up, though. Hut ended up spending $18. I think he should have put something back.

We had to stop for gas on our way to Orlando. Pump 17 just happened to be free, so that's where we pumped our gas.Once again, believe it or not, this is how much gas the tank held. We were almost on E and filled it up.

Driving to Orlando, we drive through downtown Kissimmee. This was the business door number as we sat at a traffic light.

This is Highways 17 and 92 heading into Orlando (and you thought Orlando was a big city). We decided to stop at Gatorland Zoo. Hut hadn't been there in almost 40 years and it had been 30 since I had been there. But that's a blog for another day. After that we went to the Florida Mall, to the M&M store, by far our favorite store in the mall. That, too, is a blog for another day. I will tell you though, that at the M&M store Hut got a bag full of M&M's with 17 different colors.


Sue said...

I love the # 17...I was born on the 17th of youngest on the 17th of Sept.
Happy 17the's to 17 more!

Granny Annie said...

I love numbers. Your seventeens are so cool. The other dollar at the yard sale was to start the next 17 years:-) Our special number is 21. Every home we've lived in has had 21 in the number and our relatives all have a 21 in their street or phone numbers. We were a little sad that this place didn't have a number 21 but then we added our zip code numbers and they total 21:)

Brenda Eason said...

Hehe that is just to cute girl.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

hey a great post, and super pics----if I think hard enough and don't give in to getting a headache, can remember when I was 17-----twas back in '54', Pueblo,Colorado---"GO WILDCATS"---(lol)

Missy's Blog said...

Lucky number 17 ... this is such a cool post Bonnie!