Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Welcome to M&M's World. This FANTASTIC store is at the Florida Mall in Orlando. I went there with Wade once and had a great time. And then I took Hut and it's now one of our favorite stores. We don't just like it because we like M&Ms, we like it because it's a really fun store. You wouldn't believe all the M&M stuff. You can check out all the cool stuff they have on their website This was part of our anniversary trip.
Here is Hut with the "sexy" green M&M.

Blue is my favorite color, so of course I had my picture taken with the Blue M&M.
They have a replica of the M&M racecar inside the store. It's pretty cool!

Kyle Busch, who races the M&M car. Not one of my favorite drivers but hey it was a photo op.

Our main objective at the M&M store was to get a bag of M&Ms with 17 different colors. Just so you know, there are actually 22 different colors of M&Ms.Here's Hut sealing the bag of M&Ms that he filled.And here is what a $50 bag of M&Ms looks like. Yep I said $50. We had no idea that M&Ms cost $11.99 a pound, but we do now, lol. At the store, for every $30 that you spend, you get a free pound of M&Ms. Since our total came to $72 (Hut got an M&M shirt, too), the cashier asked if we wanted to other 2 pound of M&Ms or did we want to take the 2 pounds off our total. Of course we took the 2 lbs off. So our bill was only $48,lol. It was worth it though. Now we just have to find someone to help us eat them.
They had a section in the store where you could see what your M&M color mood was. Hut was getting upset because all these little kids were getting in front of him. He said, "Don't they know adults want to play too?" So he finally got to check out his mood and it was silver. It said he as a calm person. Boy did they get that wrong, lol. All in all it was a very fun day.


Brenda Eason said...

Now that is a neat place.I would love to go there. Thanks for sharing.

Cecile said...

This post is making me hungry for some chocolate:)Looks like a cool place:))

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

wow, 11.99 a pound!!---that goes a long way in explaining why there are no M&M's in this house. (lol). I had no idea that M&M had a dedicated store---22 different colors-----PHEEnominal!!

Granny Annie said...

Let me suggest a wedding gift for Wade and Diana -- M&M's! LOL

Sue said...

I visited an M&M store in Las Vegas a few years back..but yours is MUCH better!

Missy's Blog said...

This looks like such a fun store ... just look at all of those colors to choose from.

I love that M&M Nascar ... Kyle Busch is definitely on the low list of my favorite drivers.

Glad ya'll had fun!

PEA said...

Oooooh I'll go help you eat them!!!!! hehe I love M&M's and I would be in seventh heaven to be in that cool it is!!! I never knew there were that many colours of M&M's. Why is it all the good stuff is so expensive? lol xoxo