Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raining on the parade

I try not to complain too much on my blog but sometimes you just gotta let loose. And I just have to vent, so thanks in advance for letting me do it. Why do people have to rain on other people's parades? Scenario.....Wade and Diana are getting married on Monday. Wade tells me and his father (my ex). We are okay with it. Wade is afraid to tell the rest of the family because they will be upset and want to talk him out of it. Especially his grandparents and aunt and uncle on his dad's side. Let me back up 27 years ago, today. That's when I married my first husband. When we told his parents we were getting married after a 2 year engagement, his mother wouldn't talk to him and his father hung up the phone. They didn't find out that we were married until 2 years later and then they were upset with us for not telling them. So that gives you a clue to why Wade didn't want to tell them. Also, the last time Wade talked to his grandmother, he told her he was dating Diana and that she had a 2 year old daughter. Well Grandma didn't even want to talk about that. So in a round about way to let Grandma and Grandap know, Wade sent invitations out over MySpace to his cousin Tony. Well Tony told his mom and dad(Wade's Aunt and Uncle), who of course called Grandma. Well Grandma calls me and I have to give her the news. She is asking 20 questions, how long have they been dating, why are they rushing it, why Memorial Day? They dated in high school and got back together, no she's not pregnant, they are just in love and want to get married. Not sure why Memorial Day, probably because they are both off work. Well Grandma says the family won't be there because they've already made plans for Memorial Day. Fine, miss your grandson's wedding to go to a drunken BBQ/dance at the local campground. Next comes the "buttinsky" Aunt calling, wanting me to call her back with Wade's phone number so she can call and "congratulate" him. She's got something up her sleeve, so I'm not calling her back until I hear back from Wade. I know she is going to try fishing some info from me. Not going to happen. I don't understand why this family can't be happy for Wade. And oh Lordy, wait until they see Diana's tattoos. This is a tattoo hating family. But Wade's momma, stepdaddy and daddy all love him and approve of his choice( and we have tattoos) so I say the heck with all those others. It would be nice, though, if for once, these people would just be happy for someone. After all who couldn't love a face as cute as Layla Sue's.


Brenda Eason said...

Im so sorry. I unserstand and hate when others think the are better. The one thing I do know is what goes around comes around.
God Bless this family that is about to become one and thank you for this man that accepts this child as his own
Bonnie hold your head up and be you sweetie.

Granny Annie said...

I'm glad you are blogging this because someday Wade and Diana will cherish it. LOL Typical family drama.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

"Unbelievable"---reads better than the plot line of most of the TV Soaps. (lol)

Scrapbook Studio said...

Het Girly!!
Don't worry about dumbbutt people and have a great time at Wade's wedding!!Everything will be great!! I miss talking to you and Missy hopefully my life will be back to normal one day!!

Betty said...

Know what Bonnie .... Every single family has a "story" ...hang in there and be happy ... never let people drag you down.
You have a beautiful family and that's all that matters.
Hugz ...Betty