Monday, May 11, 2009

WOW What a Weekend

I have so many pictures and things to share from this weekend. Kinda funny since it was technically only a one day weekend, since I worked yesterday. I will post later today about some of the things I did this weekend, but I wanted to share some exciting news that I got for Mother's Day. My handsome oldest son, Wade, the guy in the band.......he is getting married in 2 weeks. Sorry, ladies, Wade is off the market, lol. Her name is Diana and she has the most beautiful little girl named Layla. It was a whirlwind affair.....they've known each other since high school, recently met up again and it was almost like "love at first sight". I can't say any thing about that. Hut and I didn't waste any time getting married and we've been married 17 years. Diana seems like a really special girl and it seems like this is meant to be. So for the next couple of days I am going to try my best to get some blogs done and then I may be busy with wedding plans. I'll keep you all posted. I only have one picture of Diana and she is liplocked with Wade. I had to steal it from Wade's MySpace. I will get a better picture so you all can see how beautiful she is. Have a great day!!!


Missy's Blog said...

Congratulations Wade and Diana ... I wish a long and beautiful life together.

Cecile said...

Awesome news I am so happy for Wade and his sweetheart!!!And a great addition is the little Layla::))You are going to be a Nanna::))Hoe old is she???I will have to hook you up with a girly layout!!Just think the scrapbook possibilities that are in your future::))

Granny Annie said...

How fun that they knew each other before and have found each other again. I'm very happy for them -- especially Diana because she gets Wade and then an added bonus of you for a mother -in-law.