Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family and Fun

My cousin Yvette and her family are down from Massachusetts for a couple of weeks. They have a place in Ocala, about a 2 hour drive from us. They love to go to a place called Old Town, in Kissimmee. Old Town has been there for at least 25 years. On Saturday nights they have a Cruisin', where people bring their old classic cars and cruise through this "town". The town is actually a variety of stores and restaurants and arcades, rides and street vendors. A very inexpensive, fun place to go. I didn't think to take pictures of Old Town as we go quite often and I forgot that you guys have never been there. I did, however get some great pics of my favorite girl, Sweet Layla. Diana, her momma, had a birthday on Thursday but we couldn't get to St. Cloud to celebrate. So we all got together and had a good time at Old Town.We took the kids out for something to eat, partly to celebrate Diana's birthday and mostly because they were hungry. I love this picture of Daddy and Layla coloring while they wait for their eats. Grandpa Hut wasn't with us, he was saving us a good seat to watch the car cruise from.Of course Nana had to buy Layla some things she couldn't live without. Here is Layla showing Grandpa Hut what she got.She got a pink and black feather boa and a t-shirt that made her look like a princess.Here's Grandpa Hut modeling Layla's goodies, lol. I don't think pink is really his color.Layla and Nana walking down the street.

Wade, Diana and portrait.

Giving Layla lots of lovin'.

Sponge Bob is one of Layla's favorite characters. He stopped by to have a Budweiser with Grandpa Hut while we were shopping. I told Grandpa Hut that Sponge Bob should have had a Pepsi or something other than beer. Hopefully next time Sponge Bob stops by, it won't be for a beer.


Cecile said...

Hey Girly!
I miss talking to you sooooo much!! I am hoping to get my life back to some kind of normal when the biz builds up so that I can hire some help..We are planning a trip to St.Augustine soon wish I could come on down to your part of florida but maybe soon::))
Your family looks so wonderful and you and Hut look so happy to be Nana and Pop!!!I am so happy for you!!!You have so many reasons to be smiling and I know you are::))
Love Ya Bunches!!!

Granny Annie said...

At last the truth is out about Sponge Bob! LOL

Love all the pictures. Especially enjoy Hut in his pink and lavender feather boa. Guess Sponge Bob isn't the only one we find the truth about:)

Missy's Blog said...

I love Old Town ... it's so much fun!!

Looks like ya'll had a great time.

I love that there is a sweet little girl that has the priviledge of calling you all Grandpa Hut and Nana ... now that's sweet!

PEA said...

Spongebob drinks??? Well I'll be darned! hehe Love it! I so enjoyed seeing all the photos, your granddaughter is so precious. It made me giggle to see Hut with the tshirt and feather boa...he did look kinda cute! lol Sounds like such a fun time was had by all:-) xoxo

Missy's Blog said...

Bonnie ... I love your new profile picture.