Monday, June 1, 2009

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I haven't posted in a week....nothing exciting going on since the wedding. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Today I'm just going to share some more pictures of the wildlife from work. I have been working 6 days a week now for more than a month and I still have a few more weeks of it, but hey, I'll grab any overtime I can. Yesterday while I was at work, I hurt my foot. I am waiting for the boss man to call me to tell me where I need to go to have it looked at. It hurt sooooo bad last night, but I figured if I kept it propped up it would be fine this morning. I can walk on it a little better but if I walk too much or stand too much it really hurts again. Plus being diabetic, you don't want to mess around with any kind of injuries. I'll keep you posted. But anyways, this weekend I didn't see any kind of animals around work. Highly unusual. But last weekend there was more than enough. For starters, though, I'm going to share some plants.

Isn't this Magnolia tree just beautiful? There are probably 12 to 15 of these all over the property and they are just loaded with flowers.

We have always called this a Yucca plant. It is a spiney cactus type plant. I have never seen one with this BIG shoot sprouting out the middle. At the top of the sprout, it looks like there are going to be some flowers blooming. I've been waiting a month for the flowers to bloom, and I'm still waiting, lol.

A blog I did a few weeks ago showed this pond being nothing but a mud puddle. It was actually totally dried up. We have finally gotten some much needed rain and the pond has started filling up again. We still need lots more rain. But the ducks are happy.

The rain has caused all kinds of things to grow with all the dampness. Here are some common mushrooms.

And a toadstool.Mr. Squirrel eating the toadstool. I guess if it wasn't good for him to eat, he would know enough not to eat it.A not so great picture of a turkey running down the fence line. A year ago Easter I had two of them right up to the building looking for grub to eat. This guy was just running up and down the fence line trying to find his way into the orange grove. He finally got to the gate and ducked under the fence.

This cute little guy was inside the fence in the orange grove. Isn't his white tail pretty.Can you figure out what these two pictures are? We have a cement drainage ditch that runs between two parking lots and is adacent to the orange grove and it's all fenced in. Well I thought I saw a small gator in it. So I unlocked the gate to get into the orange grove so I could go check it out. Well I was a little apprehensive but my curiosity got the best of me. See we have a Florida panther and some coyotes (which I didn't even know Florida had coyotes until I started working here) in the groves. Well as I was walking past some trees to get a better look in the canal I saw these tracks. So then I was really kind of nervous. But I kept on going. Well now I was close enough to see that it was indeed a small gator in the canal. He ducked under the water as I got close. I knew if there was a small gator, that there was probably a bigger one close by. So I headed back to the gate and the truck. I decided to take pictures of these tracks I saw leading into the groves so I could verify what I thought they were. And I was right. Those tracks were gator tracks. They were leading into the orange grove. Those little holes are really claw marks. My camera really didn't do these pictures justice. The snake like track is from the tail. When I first saw the tracks I thought it was a snake, allbeit a big one. But when I stopped to take pictures and saw the claw marks, I knew. So I took some pictures really quick and got the heck out of there, locked the gate and stayed in the truck, lol. Needless to say I did not run into the guy that make the tracks. And how was your week???

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I am so, so sorry you hurt your foot. I hope it heals quickly.

Look at all of that wild life. You are lucky indeed to work at such a beautiful location!