Saturday, June 6, 2009

Under The Empire

I know that I have blogged about this band before. But these guys are awesome. And of course, it doesn't hurt that my son, Wade is in the band, lol. As you can tell by the previous post, I haven't been able to do much, except hobble around on crutches. Well last night, Under The Empire played a show at Doc's Place in Lakeland, not far from here. My poor husband has an ear infection and he was going to take me to see the guys. Well I couldn't do that to him. He was in such pain. So I thought since my left foot was injured, I could drive. I really didn't want to drive myself. Well then I thought I'll just call Wade and see if he'd come get me. And he did. So I got to go support my favorite rock band. Here's some photos of the show. I know they are camera just doesn't seem to be able to adjust to bar lighting, lol.

It's not all play....these guys have to work before playing. This is Wade getting his drums set up.This is Brett working on his guitars and amps. The other band members hadn't gotten there yet.Jason (aka J-Bones) couldn't be there because he had just had his appendix out. But the guys didn't forget him. They set up his guitar and put his mask on it. So even though J-Bones wasn't there physically, he was there in spirit.Tim, the lead singer.Brett, getting crazy. He is awesome and does some really crazy things with his guitar. You would have to see him. Maybe some day I can get some video of a show and show you what I mean.Tony, jammin'.And the best drummer in the world. My son, the newlywed, Wade. His beautiful bride, Diana had to work so she couldn't be there with us.Brett, Tony, Tim and Wade in the background....rockin' out.

Shot of the whole band.

Just finishing a song. Tim is "hawking" free stickers. They were giving away free Under The Empire stickers to the crowd. Yours truly was supposed to hand them out. I was stuck (no pun intended) at a table with the stickers. Tim actually ended up giving most of them away. I did bring some home so I could share with family and friends. I actually do have a good time at these shows. Wade has been in some other bands that I've absolutely hated, but these kids are really good and I would love to see them get a break.


Missy's Blog said...

Hey Bonnie I hope Jerome is feeling better today and you with your foot too!

Love the pictures of the boys (men) playing.

PEA said...

It must be so awesome to be able to go see your son and his band play like that...I know if it was my son, I'd want to be at every gig! lol I do hope they can get their big break in the near future!!!

Oh dear, I was so sorry to hear about you hurting your foot like that...hopefully it will heal quickly but for now, listen to the doctor's orders! xoxo