Friday, July 17, 2009

Chloe Update

Thanks, everyone. Your prayers seem to be working. Chloe is doing better. She got up yesterday and went to the children's playroom and made a craft. However, last night her fever spiked again. The doctors say if they can get her fever down and keep it down for 48 hours she can go home. She is feeling better today. She is going to go back to the play room for awhile and do another craft. Chloe has ECOLI in her system. No one is sure how she got it. She also has a severely infected left kidney, with a possiblitly of some damage. This news may not sound good to you, but she was knocking on death's door the other day. So it's really good news that she is able to get up. And once her fever breaks, they will be able to treat her infections with oral meds. So keep on praying, your prayers are working. You guys are the best.


Sue said...

Glad to hear she is doing better, will keep her in my prayers.

Granny Annie said...

Great news to learn Chloe is improving. Prayers shall continue.

Cecile said...

OMG!!! Bonnie I am so sadden to here about Chloe but I do pray she continues to get better each day and I see that she is improving some:)God bless her:)
Love yA!!!

Missy's Blog said...

I'm glad to hear she's doing better. I hope that fever stays down so she can go home.

Prayers are being sent out for sweet Chloe.