Saturday, August 15, 2009

Great start to the weekend

What better way to start the weekend than a visit with your favorite people. That's right....Nana and Grampa Hut got to see Sweet Layla and Wade and Diana last night. We went to St. Cloud last night to check out the auction where I will be selling my Pepsi collectables next week. We never made it to the auction. We met Wade and Layla at their house (poor Diana was at work). Grandpa Hut was hungry so we decided to go get a bite to eat. This was around 6. Layla decided we wanted cheeseburgers. We drove around trying to decide where to find a good cheeseburger. We tried Chili's but it was packed. Wade said let's go to Outback (where he works). I didn't think he would want to eat there because he's there all the time. It was packed too, but thanks to Wade we got right in. And only Layla got a cheeseburger, lol. The rest of us got steak and shrimp, yummy. Diana got off work at 8:45 and we were still at Outback. So she came by and joined us. Got a bite to eat. Then it was off to Walmart. The kids are going to Ichetucknee Springs to go tubing tomorrow. It is actually 9 springs that you can go tubing down. I went years ago when Wade was about Layla's age. They are going to have a blast. So we went to Walmart to find Diana some clothes to wear over her bathing suit. As we walked around the store Layla said she needed a new toothbrush for my house. So Nana bought her a new toothbrush and toothepaste. I got off easy. Then it was time to go home. Layla wanted to go with us, but just not possible. So we said our goodbyes and the kids headed home and so did we. We had to get up early today to help with a Health Fair.

The health fair is something that State Farm insurance co-sponsers a couple times a year. They have them in different areas around us so everyone eventually gets a chance to go. The table Hut and I helped with was for the 50 Million Pound Challenge. I thought how appropriate. We had diet books, pedometers, jump ropes that count as you jump, bracelets, drink koozies. Loads of stuff to give away. And there were all kinds of healthy businesses in there giving away stuff and offering trials and services. It was from 9 to 1. I came home with TONS of free stuff. I even got a couple jump ropes, pedometers and some diet books. I also won a free 14 trial at Lifestyle fitness and 7 days of free tanning. Hut won a 7 day trial at Lifestyle fitness. Honestly, if I knew someone who would use those, I'd pass them on. I know we won't. We helped at this event because my friend Daphne was short on volunteers. I usually get roped into helping with City of Winter Haven events ( and I absolutely have a ball each time), that I decided to get even with Hut and make him volunteer with me to help Daphne. We once again had a great time. So we may be in line to help at more of these events. I unfortunately didn't take any photos of last night with the kids or today's event. But both were fun, fun, fun. Tomorrow I will fill you in more about the 50 million pound challenge.

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