Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally I am able to blog about SeaWorld. Yeah!!!! Diana had planned to surprise Wade with SeaWorld passes. She asked if me and Hut wanted to be in on it. Of course we did. So we bought passes too. Wade was supposed to be off on Sunday and that is the day we were going. Diana was going to tell him they were going to church and then meeting us for lunch. Well Wade's job called and needed him to come in for awhile. So Diana had to tell him about the surprise so he could work out someway to go. He did and so we met them at SeaWorld.

This is Grampa Hut (or Grampy as he is now known as) waiting for the arrival of Layla and her court (mom and dad).

Family shot before we start on our adventures.

First stop is the dolphin nursery.

Then on to one of their many aquariums.

Isn't that green plant really neat???

It was really a front shot of this cool Sea Dragon. It really looks like a plant.

Next stop was the Shark Encounter.

There was alot of different varieties of sharks in there.

After the sharks we needed some fun time. Here's Layla and Grampy in front of the Shamu Bug.

We played a couple of games (so Layla could win some toys, lol). Then it was time for a spin on the carousal. Here's Grampy with Elmo. The blue dolphin you see is also Layla's. Wade is holding it here.

Layla is ready to ride. She rode the fish next to Nana's.

Here's Mommy and Daddy being silly and riding with us. That's Nemo (also for Layla, lol) riding with Mommy.

I just love the look on Layla's face in this picture. She is excited and scared at the same time.

Then we were off to the beat of different drummers. Layla and Wade playing together.

Guess who????

And Daddy.

Poor Mommy trying to play one handed...having to hold everything.

Even Grampy got in on it.

We found a Pirate Ship ARRRGGGGHHHH!

Is this the Titanic????

Time to cool off with Daddy.

That's enough water, Daddy. Let's go see some Polar Bears.

All the Polar Bears were sleeping. So we took a picture with the brass ones.

Off to see the peguins. Looks like snow, but it's actually waterdrops on the glass.

Off to another aquarium where this creepy Octopus was sleeping against the glass. His eye is closed. Look at all the suction cups on his tentacles.

In the tank with him was "Patrick" Sponge Bob's friend ( and Layla's favorite).

When you looked up, Manta Rays were swimming over your head. I thought they looked like kites, the long barbs looked the the string.

OH NO!!!! Daddy and Layla are in the fish tank. Look, Nemo is kissing Layla's cheek.

A different species of Sea Dragon. I just think those are the coolest. The Sea Dragons I believe were my favorite sea animal.

Diana's favorite are the sting rays. Here is the pool where you can pet them. There was one in the pool that kept stopping at Diana so she could pet his head and touch him all over. Of course I never had the camera ready when he would stop. He would get close to her and lift his head right out of the water. It was the neatest thing.

Off to the Dolphin Viewing area. Mommy and Layla looking at the dolphins.

Wade got some really good shots of the dolphins.

This must be my best side. All the pictures of me and Layla taken together are hind shots.

The manatees are next. Here's Mommy and Layla in front of the brass statue.

All the manatees were sleeping, too. Must have partied too much with the Polar Bears.

This is a Sea Squirrel. Just kidding. This little guy was friendly. Came right up to us. So we feed him and he took it right out of our hands.

I wanted to take a couple of these home for the front lawn. Hut said no.

Heading off into the sunset. A great ending to a looooooong, hot, cold, wet, fun day.

Update: Diana had a couple of pictures of me, whoo hoo.

This is Nana and Layla at the Shamu show. Yeah I know.....another back shot.

Here's a front view, although it's not a great one. Sorry the pics are so small. I had to swipe these from Diana's MySpace, lol.


Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... Wow ... Wow!!!

What a terrific day ... you took some really wonderful pictures.

I'm so glad you guys had such a great time.

It was nice talking to you on the phone last night.

Brenda Eason said...

Bonnie this was one beautiful trip. Wade looks like a wonderful daddy.Does he smile all the time? I just loved it,but hey you are gonna have to get in a few of the pictures too.
I have had your other son on my heart email me!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Brenda. Yes Wade does smile about 98% of the time. He is a great daddy. He has always been great with kids. Thanks for keeping Scott in your prayers.

Sue said...

Beautiful pictures...I can see ya'll had a great time. Thanks for sharing.
How is everything else going?

PEA said...

Omigosh, such beautiful pictures! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them, Layla is such a little darling. I love places like SeaWorld! |I had never seen a "sea dragon" before, how very interesting!! It does indeed look like a plant! lol It's amazing all the fun stuff you got to do over there, it really did look like a perfect day:-) xoxo