Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Under The Empire 08/09/09

Wade's band, Under The Empire (UTE) played at the Orpheum in Tampa Sunday night. It was a battle of the bands. They came in 3rd. Which I think is really good. It was a smoke free, all ages venue. I was glad. And Layla got to go. So it was a family affair. Me and Hut went. Diana, Layla, Diana's brother Casey, my other son, Scott, his girlfriend Elaine and my ex Jim. We had fun. Layla and I got to shake our groove things, lol. Glad no one got a picture of that.

Here's a picture of Layla and Diana, outside waiting to get in. It was really hot!

Layla and I walked over a bridge to cross the street in Ybor City (Tampa). Here's Grampa Hut waiting for us.
Layla sitting on the curb still waiting to get in. Notice that she is sporting a tattoo. All in the family, lol.
Layla and her Uncle Boo (Casey) finally inside where it was cooler.
When is my daddy gonna play????

Finally.....here's UTE!!!!
Tim, the lead singer.
Ard on bass (yes, he's wearing a mask.)
Tony on guitar.
Brett on lead guitar.And the greatest drummer in the world......WADE!!!!

Tim had his son Trey come up on stage to sing a song with them.

Trey and Layla watching their daddies play. I think they are getting a little tired, don't you?

Ooops, I was wrong.....here's Layla shaking her groove thing.

Sitting back on the floor with Trey.

I'm going to share a few more pictures of the band. The last couple of shows it was sooo dark you couldn't really see the band. But the lighting was really good for a change, so I wanted you to check them out.


PEA said...

What great pictures of Wade and his band! Congratulations to them for coming in 3rd, that's really terrific!! How wonderful that the two kids were able to go watch their daddies play as well:-) That Layla is such a cutie pattootie! xoxo

Susie Q said...

Oh what fun!! I love nights like this! Congratulations to them for 3rd place! That is huge!!
Wish could see them...: )

Layla is gorgeous!!!