Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Layla is my saviour....

With everything I have been going through with my youngest son lately, I believe God sent me Layla to keep me sane and give me happiness. Layla is such a treat. She came and stayed with Nana and Grampy yesterday afternoon and evening. Wade's band practices at our house, so we see her at least once a week now. After a disappointing day in court yesterday, it was good to spend some time with my little "angel".
We went Sonny's because Grampy was hungry. I got a salad bar and got Layla some black olives, because she just loves them.
Here she is with her olives on her fingers.
She had stuffed her mouth full of olives. I couldn't believe she had stuffed them all in there.
After eating, we really didn't want to go back to the house too soon. So we took Layla to one of the many parks we have here. She had such a good time.

Sliding down the slide.

Climbing up the slide.

Swinging on the top of the slide. Some little boy who was there earlier showed her this.

There was a big plastic tree to climb.

Here she is at the top....just like a monkey.

There was a rock wall to climb.

I am QUEEN of the mountain.

And there was this jungle gym kind of thing to climb. Layla had such a good time. And we did too. For those of you in the Winter Haven area, this park is on Lake Hartridge, right off of Havendale, where the drive-in used to be. We stayed and played until dark. What fun. Can't wait to do it again.


Brenda Eason said...

My kinda girl... love olives.
Look im here if you need to email and talk to someone. Im so sorry things are hard.

Missy's Blog said...

Awwwww ... she is SUCH a cutie!! I can see why you enjoy spending time with her.

Okay ... so you KNOW how jealous I am that you went to Sonny's. It's only my very favorite place in the world to eat. Wish we were there.

Sue said...

My kids used to do that with olives...and my grandkids do it too! Glad to hear you have something to take your mind off of your troubles.

I'm wondering if the Sonny's you went to is the same one that we have here in Pensacola? Is it a chain?

Bonnie said...

Sue, I believe Sonny's is a chain only in Florida. It's a bbq place. So I'm sure it is. It's really the only good place to get bbq around here. I'm not too keen on black olives but Layla just loves them. She had some for lunch that day too. Missy, we will be more than happy to go to Sonny's with you when you visit. If I could ship you some you know I would. Do you know that you can buy Sonny's bbq sauce at Sam's?