Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghouls Night Out!

Most of you know that Hut and I do the hayride every year for Ghouls Night Out. It's a City of Winter Haven sponsered event as an alternative for Trick or Treating. It's usually the Saturday before Halloween, but this year it was on a Friday night because of Halloween being on a Saturday. Anyways, we had help this year because Scott is staying with us. As usual we had a blast doing it, loading , unloading and transporting people for 3 hours non stop. Whew! This year was extra special as Layla came to visit with Wade, my nephew L.D. and his wife Jen brought Skylee and Tyler. It was awesome for the cousins to get together and for the little one's to finally meet and get to know each other. But believe it or not......we have NO pictures of that. Oh well, the fact that everyone came and we had a good time is enough for me. We did get a couple of pictures of me, Hut and Scott before we got started. I will share those with you. I have to tell you that I saw some amazing costumes and some really awesome families that dressed up together. We saw a father dressed as a scarecrow to his little girl's Dorothy. Don't know where mom was, but this just made my heart swell. And another family was Cinderella (the little girl), Prince Charming( Daddy) and the fairy Godmother (Mom). It was awesome. I hope you all had a fun, safe Halloween. I will post Halloween pics later this week.

Hogman and his Gypsy bride make another appearance.

The Joker, Gypsy and Hogman.

The Joker and Hogman.

Gypsy and Joker....eeeewwww I hated that Joker outfit.....too creepy.


Brenda Eason said...

Looks like a great time. Im so happy your son is there for awhile.
Tell sweet Layla Happy birthday

Missy's Blog said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! Love all of your costumes. Can't wait to see pictures of Layla's birthday party.

Oh ... the french toast was delicious!!

PEA said...

Awesome costumes! lol I just love it when adults get in on the fun of Halloween. xoxo