Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Layla!!!

Sunday was Layla's 3rd birthday. After Church Sunday morning we all headed over to GG's house (Layla's Great Grandmother) for fun and festivities. We had a bounce house, good food, great friends and for Layla, lots of awesome presents.

Layla making sure the bounce house was in working order.

Daddy getting in on the act. The bounce house kept everyone busy throughout the day. Even some of us adults got in, yep me too. I'm so glad no one got a picture of me in there. Or on my way out, as I literally rolled out of it, lol.

Time to open the presents. Layla is waiting patiently for her presents, so she can open them.

Daddy reading the cards to Layla so she would know who got her what.

Ripping into a gift bag.

Oooooh another present for me. Daddy's such a good helper.

I wish we could have gotten a better picture of this present. See Wade's shirt? That's what Layla is holding up in her size. She loves Edward the Head from Iron Maiden and she wanted that shirt. She got some really cool presents, a couple of Barbies, a tattoo (yes, tattoo) kit, clothes, a guitar, a couple of games, the neatest digital camera for kids from her Grammy (Diana's mom). She made out like a bandit.

Time for some cake. This cake was a joint effort from Diana, GG and me. Diana and GG baked the cake, GG iced it and I decorated it. I wasn't sure I could do it after not decorating for over 4 years. But I think it came out okay. Diana sprinkles some colored sugar on it, put Strawberry shortcake on it and we were good to go.

Layla Sue getting ready to blow out the candles. Then cake and ice cream for everyone. It was a fantastic day for everyone, especially my Sweet Layla.


Missy's Blog said...

She is one beautiful birthday girl!

What a wonderful day for such a special little girl!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Layla!

PEA said...

Awwww Happy Birthday to Layla, what an adorable 3 year old she is:-) She really looks like she was having a fun time at her party and no doubt was enjoying all her presents! lol Darn it, I wanted to see a picture of you rolling out of that bounce house! LOL xoxo

Brenda Eason said...

What a great time. Love how your son has just stepped up to the plate. What a cute family they have made.

Granny Annie said...

What a great birthday celebration for Layla. I love how Wade is helping her. He's a good daddy.

We're having a good time with our California grandkids.

Inflatable slide for sale said...

Aww, I'm sure the birthday girl had a blast with an inflatable house. These kids just love bounce houses, don't they? If only I weren't too old for these things, I wouldn't hesitate jumping right in. Sometimes I really envy how they have toys like this these days.