Sunday, December 27, 2009

A little more Christmas

I just wanted to share a little more Christmas with ya'll. It came and went so fast this year.

December 23 we had our last "official" event. It was a new one for us this year. We did it for some of our very own neighbors....the Polk County Sheriff's office was able to help 6 family's right in our own neighborhood and Santa was invited along to help hand out gift. This is Santa in front of the tree at the Eloise Resource Center where the event took place.

Our own Scott D'Elf noticed Santa's reflection in the bulbs. Wish I had a better camera but I still like the effect of this.

Every year Hut and I get invited to his ex-mother in laws house for the Christmas party. Santa always manages to be there. Here is Santa with Alicia, Hut's daughter.

And here's our grandson C.J. posing with Santa. I have no idea where Hut is (wink, wink).

Alairah, our granddaughter is at that stage of being scared of Santa. She has a death grip on her other grandmother, Susan.

The day after Christmas we met up with Scott, Wade, Diana and Layla at Bass Pro Shop. Of course Grampy got lost and we couldn't find him. Seems he went to the North Pole.

Grampy with the reindeer.

Layla posing with the reindeer. We hadn't found Grampy yet, so that's why she's posing alone.

Daddy made it snow on Layla and she's loving it.

My little angel Layla posing in front of the Christmas tree in Central Park in downtown Winter Haven.

Mommy, Layla and Daddy in front of the tree.

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