Friday, February 26, 2010

I have of .........THEM!

A few months back I complained about no one blogging anymore because everyone was on MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter. Well I have joined that group. I spend the majority of my time on Facebook. I hang my head in shame that I have let down my fellow bloggers. In my defense, though, I will say that I do NOT have a Farmville farm. Please forgive me. Now I will attempt to do a blog.
I didn't really have anything planned for my imaging my surprise when my husband got me a FAIR! No really....we went to the Osceola County Fair. Wade had worked all day and called in the evening to wish me a happy birthday and see if we wanted to go to the fair with him, Diana and the girls. Like he really didn't know the answer to that. Of course I want to see my girls. So Hut, Scott and I headed that way. It was a little cold but we had a good time.

Rossi Jean's first fair....doesn't she look really excited?

She is really excited here! She had just eaten and was ready for some nap time. How she slept through all the noise gets me.

Layla's first rollercoaster ride. Even though it was for kids, it was really fast and had a fairly high hill. Daddy rode with her. As you can probably was hard to take a picture.

Then it was off to ride the motorcycles. I'm sure in a few years she'll have a real one.

Then here we are at the Himalaya. This one one of my favorite rides at the fair. This one went extremely fast and poor Layla had a hard time holding on. But she loved it.

Slowing it down a little bit with the Dinosaurs. This was kind of neat because it had a handle and you could make his head move left and right.

Time to warm up a bit in the exhibition hall. Just like her Nana...Layla likes to have her face painted. Grampy tried to tell Diana that Rossi wanted her face painted too, but Mom wasn't falling for that.

And the end product. Isn't she just beautiful? Just like her Nana, lol. We had such a good time. Next month it's off to the Strawberry Festival.


PEA said...

Now that's what I call celebrating your birthday in the fair:-) I so love going to fairs and although I don't get on the rides anymore, it's still fun for me to watch! Layla looks like she was having a great time and looks just adorable with her face painted like that:-) Rossi Jean is so darling as well and I wish I could sleep through noise like that as well! lol've gone to the DARK SIDE CALLED FACEBOOK eh? hehe The games can really suck you in and that's why I deleted all of them except 3 that I enjoy playing when I have the time. xoxo

Granny Annie said...

I am happy you have posted pics of the girls. It looks like all had a good time at the Fair.