Friday, June 25, 2010

More of Mother Nature at Work

I just love this HUGE flag that is hanging in our building. I took this picture from the 2nd floor balcony.
Here was a guy I really didn't want to run into last Sunday when I was working. I was in the vehicle, he was sunning himself and he could have cared less that I was taking a picture of him.
This picture gives you a little idea about how long he was. These are called Black Racers and we have them all over the property. They are not venomous and they eat rodents and bugs. So they are pretty good to keep around. And they are QUICK!
As I was driving around I spotted something in the tree line by the pond. No it wasn't Big Foot.
Oh no here it comes.
Look it's just a raccoon.
Good morning Security Officer!
He came right up to the car. He must have known I had some Dunkin's Munchkins.
And yes I gave him(or her) some. Here he is with one in his mouth.
Another one in his paws. He was a hungry little bugger. I had 25 munchkins and he probably ate 12.
Posing for a side view.
And my last view before he got his belly full and wandered off.
I was so thrilled to see a raccoon and be able to get some photos. This made it worthwhile to work on Father's Day.


Missy's Blog said...

Looks like Big Foot to me ... oh wait ... it *is* a racoon.

That snake is scary and we have one just about that size living in our garage. I hope I never, ever see him. We find where he's shedded his skin and Mike has seen him on the garage door but couldn't get to a hoe or anything to take care of it. I just hope *I* don't see it.

That flag is so wonderful Bonnie. You are so very lucky to be able to see it everyday.

PEA said...

A donut loving I've seen everything! lol Did you know that they love marshmallows? A blogging friend of mine has a family of raccoons that show up every night and she feeds them marshmallows, they go nuts over them. You really did get some terrific shots of him/her:-)

As for the snake, well, I'd rather stay as farrrrrr away as I can from them! lol xoxo

Susie Q said...

Th racoon I would have been so pleased to see!! The snake??? YIKES!!
Love the glorious to see everyday!
Love to you sweet Bonnie! Have a glorious weekend!!