Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Layla got a new bike for Christmas. Since her Grammy babysits and doesn' t live too far from Wade & Diana's, Wade decided the bring Layla's bike to her Grammy's and then when he went to pick up her and Rossi, he rode his bike with a trailer.

Layla riding her new bike. We noticed she needed her seat raised and hopefully Daddy took care of it.

The crew getting ready for the ride home. You can barely see Rossi in the trailer.

Rossi is ready to go.

Rossi is such a character. You can tell she's ready to ride!

And off they go....heading into the sunset towards the ole homestead.


Granny Annie said...

Delightful family-time photos. Gosh Rossi is sure growing fast!

Missy's Blog said...

It's terrific they live so close by that they can ride the bikes back and forth. What a fun family thing to do. Wade is such a good Daddy!

PEA said...

Those trailers are something else! Wish they would have made those back when my boys were little. Both Layla and Rossi are getting so big. Pretty soon Rossi will have her own little bike:-) xoxo