Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Rossi Jean

From this...January 27, 2010

To this......January 27, 2011. Can you believe Rossi Jean is a year old already? Where does the time go?

Rossi and Daddy getting ready to open some presents.

Rossi sitting on the 4 wheeler that Grammy bought her, getting ready to open the first present. I think Daddy volunteers for this job every birthday because HE likes opening the presents.

Daddy reading the card while Rossi pays attention to every word Daddy is saying.

Rossi loves this present. Wade called it an Abacus.

The whole family in on the gift opening. Diana, Rossi, Wade and Layla with her back to us.

Rossi has found a way to get in to trouble already with her 4 wheeler.

Some Rossi and Daddy time before the cake cutting.Layla wants the camera to take some pictures herself.
Rossi slowly checking out the icing on the cake. Yummy!
Getting in to it a little bit more.
Not messy enough for "mean Mommy", who smashes Rossi's face into the cake.
But Mommy got her "just desserts". Grammy got even for Rossi.
And Daddy helped Mommy get even with Grammy. Glad I wasn't part of that mess. And poor Aunt Liz. Got slimed by Rossi with Buttercream Icing because Rossi didn't like getting showered off.

I have many more pictures but didn't have time to post them all here. For those of you on Facebook, you will find all the pictures there. Everyone had such a good time at Rossi's party. Everyone should have a 1st birthday party every year!


Missy's Blog said...

Happy 1st Birthday Rossie Jean. The party looks like such fun and I love all the pink.

Granny Annie said...

It seems impossible that she is already one year old! Happy Birthday Rossi. By the way, I've heard of the tradition of turning the one-year-old loose with the cake but never seeing the family get in the messy act! Leave it to your wild bunch. LOL

Susie Q said...

It does not seem possible that a whole year has flown by!! What a fun party filled with love and happiness!!

Cecile said...

Happy Birthday Rossi:) I didn't know that you were back in the blogging mood I will check back more often:)Hugs!