Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a few thoughts

First of all I want to wish my mom a Happy 81st Birthday. That is how old she would have been if she were still with us. She has been gone for 8 years and I miss her very much.

My DIL Diana has started a food blog. It's called Chasing Flavour. The link is She did her first post yesterday and she is very witty. And I can guarantee you the food will make your mouth water.

I totally suck at trying to lose weight. Those of you who have followed me for years know this, lol. I did really good on the Visalus Shakes while I was on that diet. However I seem to lose interest in everything I try. I lost 10 lbs on the shake diet only to gain 14 back. I know I can't do dieting alone and that is kind of a cop out. But I really think if I had someone to hold my hand while I'm trying to lose it would help me. I love my husband but he really is no help. And I really need to take at least 20 lbs off even though I would love to take 50 off. I would not only feel better but my health would be better also. My sugars are creeping back up and it's scaring me, but not enough to take control. Pretty sad, huh.

One day I will do a blog about Wade and Diana's new house. They moved in in May. I have taken pictures and posted on FB but not in a blog. I am so proud of them. I am also proud of Liz and Scott. They have not purchased a home yet but they finally were able to move into a place of their own. I know they are enjoying being on their own, being able to do their own thing. So yay for all my kids.

Layla starts pre-K in a few weeks. This is going to be a hard transition for Diana I believe. It's hard to believe Layla is growing up so fast. I'll have to get some current pics and get them posted.

Hut and I are starting to get the house somewhat organized since the kids are now all out and they have taken quite a few things with them. I'm hoping to get rid of a few more pieces of furniture by giving it to Wade and Diana. Once the clutter is gone, I'm sure I'll feel better about my house, lol.

Lots of changes going on every day. So what's going on in your part of the world?


Granny Annie said...

Sounds like your kids will have the same decor that I have. It is called "Early Attic". LOL Of course I wish you ALL well.

Missy's Blog said...

Everything is coming together just as it should. The kids are all happy as are you and Jerome.

It's nice to de-clutter isn't it? I get a wild hair about twice a year to de-clutter and I feel SO much better when I do.