Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cookie Making "Monsters"

I know by now most of you have seen this picture of the girls. Right now it is my all time favorite picture of them. Look at the serious, intense looks on their faces. It reminds me of Norman Rockwell.
The beaters with cookie dough on them sure are yummy!

Hmmmmm? What should I do with this green icing? Let's help GiGi ice the cookies to that we can eat them. Yay!


Missy Made It! said...

That has to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. They sure were having fun! Finally ... I get to see a picture of the famous GiGi. =)

PEA said...

They're both so adorable and I bet the cookies tasted extra special just because they helped make them:-) I remember when I was growing up, my mom letting me lick the beaters after she'd made the icing for cakes and once I had my own kids, I was devastated when she'd give them the beaters to lick, not me! lol Delightful pictures you shared today, they made me smile:-) xoxo