Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snow Central Santa Visit 12/15/2011

Just a few pictures of Santa's Visit at Snow Central. Guess because the kids go every year we did not take any pictures of the "Snow" part of it. A very candid shot of Santa and Mrs. Claus. Scott D'Elf doesn't even remember taking the shot, it's so candid.Santa (a.k.a. Grampy) with Layla Sue. I think she's figuring out that this might actually be Grampy but she's still not real sure.Layla's cousins JoJo and Abby with Santa.
Cousin Ethan with Santa, on Ethan's birthday, which just happened to be the same day as Snow Central. Ethan's not too sure about Santa.Diana's sister and her family. Ethan on Momma's(Jessie)lap with Daddy (Ian) behind her and JoJo and Abby on Santa's other side.Wade, Layla, Rossi and Diana under the tree where Santa was just sitting.


PEA said...

Such wonderful pictures and I think Hut looks like the real Santa:-) It's funny how some kids don't mind sitting on Santa's lap at all and yet others are horrified. Lily would not sit on Santa's knee the first two years but this time they were able to convince her to do so just long enough to get a picture! lol Such wonderful memories you two made again this Christmas. xoxo

Granny Annie said...

What is Mrs. Claus whispering in Santa's ear?