Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doing It In The Dark

Now what were you all thinking???? This is a truck/car show we went to because Scott was debuting his mini truck here. We had originally thought it was for mini truckers only, but were pleasantly surprised to see other vehicles there. And while it was still light out when we got there, the event lasted well into the night, hence the name of the show, lol. I didn't take many photos because we really didn't have a chance to walk the whole way around. We kept running into Scott's friends and socializing. To me, it's always nice when your kids friends have no problem hanging with you too.

This was a pretty big truck and he won an award for the best suspension.

My husband fell in love with this Chevy S10. We have an S10 but it's not near as nice as this. I love the colors.This is what low riding is all about. Can you get it to sit on the ground. I don't understand why someone would want to do that, lol.
This is not your momma's station wagon. Especially with all the skulls and bones painted on the sign.Close up of the paint job.This was a really cool truck with a custom motorcycle in the back. To me, though, this was a waste of a classic.I beleive this to be a Maverick, but I'm not real sure. Hut liked this car too.
And this is the piece de resistance! Scott's truck! Yes, it's missing the bed, but he finally finished it so that he could lower it and raise it with airbags. Every mini truckers dream. He is still in the process of building a new bed to fit over all the gizmos he has in the back.This of course is the back of the truck. Hut can't beleive these guys put there gas tanks all the way to back where they lower the trucks. Even in this condition, Scott is proud of his truck. I can't wait until he gets the bed on and spruces it up a little. One more shot of the gizmos in the rear end, lol.


Granny Annie said...

My kids friends always liked hanging with me me better than my kids did:)

Mike Bishop7 said...

Great photos, I love car shows! I really love the chevy, I'm actually going to look at a chevy in grand rapids today. Thank you for sharing this with us Bonnie!