Friday, May 18, 2012

Craft Show

On May 6, Diana and I did our first "together" craft show.  It was in Maitland,FL, a venue I had never done.  I've only done shows around my area.  It was a good show, lots of talented vendors.  However, we only took pictures of our booth and the girls, lol.
Layla and Rossi sitting on the step to the stage, which was right next to our booth.  Rossi is mad because we made her sit down instead of letting her run around.  She got over that quick though.
 Our booth set up.  It was a small area....8x8.  I usually have a 10x10 and that extra four feet makes a difference.
 Diana's side of the booth.  I love what a great eye she has for displaying.  Aren't her aprons awesome?  And how about those mustache shirts?
 Here are Diana's sock monkeys.  You know those are adorable.  Check out her Sew Blessed by Diana shop on Etsy.  She has some really neat stuff.
 Look at this banner Diana made.  She is so darn talented.
 My pitiful side of the booth.  The booth was so small that I couldn't even put out 1/2 of my stuff.  But that's okay.  We learned alot from our mistakes and are going to plan new, better ways to display.  And we had less than an hour to set up.  That made what was already a challenge and ever bigger challenge. Oh and if you want to check out my things....I also have an Etsy shop....Novelties By Nana.  I always welcome browsers.
 Diana's mom sent some really cute earrings to the show.  And she made these awesome displays out of screen that she framed. Diana's mom, Becky, also has an Etsy shop, Get Hooked With Me.  If you love earrings (and I LOVE earrings), check it out. 
 There was a clear alter near our booth.  Once Rossi discovered it, she was happy.  She had a really good time playing with it.
 Hamming it up for the camera.
Here I was trying to get a picture of Diana's neighbors, Patrice and Tony, with some friends, being goofy.  Patrice is behind the light pole, Tony to her right.  The two ladies who put on the craft show are the daughters to the couple on the left. What a small world.

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Granny Annie said...

Everything looks wonderful...especially the girls:) Layla is now such a young lady and Rossi is so expressive.

It wears me out to think about all that work that goes into setting up and taking down a craft booth. You've got more stamina than I.