Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old Town Saturday Night

 Saturday night, 6/2/2012, was the 22nd Anniversary of the Cruise that they do out there.  There were 522 cars and believe it or not, no pictures of any of them except the one that counted, lol.
 Scott took these pictures of Rossi with my camera.  Not sure what she's pointing at.
 Here you see the girls hanging out at the BEST looking car there, Wade's 1969 Chevelle 4-door.

Here is part of the group that cruised.  Can't believe I didn't realize I couldn't see Wade behind the card badge.  They were ready to cruise and I got in too much of a hurry.  Can't see him in the next picture either.  The man sitting in the passenger seat is Wade's dad, Jim.  Him and his girlfriend  joined us for the event.  It was Jim's first cruise. 
A shot through the side window.  Still no Wade, lol.
And the back seat cruisers from left to right...Rossi, Diana, Courtney, Scott and Layla.

As usual it was tons of fun.  Me, Diana, Courtney and the girls all even had fun line dancing for a few.  Sure am glad no one took pics or video taped that, lol.  We usually go out to Old Town twice a month to cruise.  The girls usually shop and the boys cruise.  My boys have been going to the cruise since it started 22 years ago.  I don't think any of us dreamed it would last this long and that anyone in the family would actually cruise in them.


PEA said...

If I lived near you, I'd be joining you on those cruise nights! I so love vintage cars, I think they're absolutely awesome. They just don't make cars like they use to!! Can't get over how much the girls are growing...seeing Layla with her own little purse makes her look all grown up:-)

Are you sure Wade was there???? hehe That's too funny that in every picture he's hidden by that tag. Behind the tag I can see part of the fuzzy dice he has hanging from the mirror...now THAT is a true vintage car statement:-) xoxo

Michelle said...

What a great way to spend the evening. We have a lot of vintage car shows here. But they general just have them parked in a lot. A cruise would be great. I see from your favorite blogs you love to cook. I am also one of those people. Not to mention I collect old cook books. Well got to go. There's more of your post to check out.

Jenny Woolf said...

Looks like fun! We were looking through some old photos the other day and all the cars looked a bit like that :D