Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weird Dreams

Lately I've been having some pretty weird dreams.  I usually try to figure out what I ate before bed, because that usually has something to do with it.  I believe, anyways.  Like last week....I ate a buttercream filled donut from Publix before going to bed.  I had a night full of different weird dreams.  I only remember part of one.  We were running drugs out of the company I work at.  I wish I could describe it to you....it was just really bizaare.

Then last night...no snack before bed...another really strange dream.  I dreamed that my hubby and I were at some vintage restaurant with my brother's two children.  His children are 13 and 15 now but in the dream they were like 6 and 8.  This restaurant had a colum separating rooms that had some small tvs in them.  On the tvs were videos from the 80's.  The video that was on had one of the BIG hair males singing and my daughter in law Diana was the "hot chick" in the video.  She has BIG curly hair in the video and honestly it looked good on her, lol.  She wasn't born until the late 80's so that was kind of funny. 

I hadn't watched anything that had anything to do with the 80's either so I'm really not sure where all that came from.  And to top it all off....the dream was in the brownish "black and white" color.

So what kind of strange dreams do you remember?


Granny Annie said...

I am facing a hysterectomy in October and the other night I dreamed that I was pregnant with twins and went to see my old gynecologist (who is now deceased). He inserted six sticks of dynamite in my uterus and told me to walk carefully. Supposedly this would make the twins healthy:)

PEA said...

Dreams are so fascinating, aren't they!! The night before my hairdresser's appointment on the morning of Corey & Kristin's wedding, I dreamed that I had this hairdresser named Simon and he took 6 hours to do my hair because he kept going to do other things. He would also make me change chairs often. I told him I would be late for the wedding and he ended up quitting because my hair was still wet! lol Needless to say, when I got to the hairdressers that morning, I asked her if her name was Simon! hehe