Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not Feelin' It

I love the fall.  It's my all time favorite time of year.  The weather gets cooler and even though we don't get the crisp fall air or colored leaves here in Florida, you can tell it's fall.  And that means all the FUN of the holidays begins.

Usually by the end of September I am all decorated for Halloween.  This year, not so.  I am not even decorating for Halloween.  No fall decorations and probably no Christmas either.

Just feeling....I don't know, down in the dumps, but not really.  Tired...but not really.  Can't really explain it.  I felt this way a couple of years ago at Christmas and wasn't going to put up a tree but Wade came over and put it up for me.  Last year I got by with just a Charlie Brown tree.  Not sure if it has to do with everyone's health issues these past couple of years or what. 

I'm still looking forward to the holidays and I know I will enjoy spending them with the family, but as far as my house and decorations go.....I just don't want to deal with it. 

And there was talk about no Hayride for the Halloween Event Hut and I do as the Hogman and his Gypsy Bride.  I was actually hoping it would get cancelled.  And Hut needs to be losing weight for health reasons, but he's concerned about not being able to play Santa.  I told him that maybe the time has come for Santa to stay in the closet so we can spend more time during the holidays with family, doing family things.  You know, going to the events we are always working.  Is that wrong of me?  Maybe I'm just getting old. 

Sorry for the complaining, but I'm just trying to get some advice from friends who may have gone through this before.

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PEA said...

Reading your words about how you feel regarding decorating and such, brings to mind my mom. She's felt that way for the last few years...loves the holidays but just the thought of decorating makes her feel ill and tired!! Maybe age does have something to do with it, I don`t know, or it could be some type of depression. The funny thing is, after I've put up her tree, then she feels better.

No, it`s wrong of you at all for wishing that Hut wouldn't play Santa anymore. He's done it for so many years and you've sacrificed being with family to make other families happy...time to spend time with your own family:-) xoxo