Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting Anxious

Hubby is retiring at the end of this month, IF he doesn't need a pacemaker.  We will know more next week.  If he does need a pacemaker, he will work a little while longer so he will still have insurance coverage.  

Whether he needs a pacemaker or not, I will be leaving my job in the middle of March and we will be moving to St. Cloud(FL) to be closer to the kids and grands.  I am sooooo excited I can't hardly stand it. 

I have already started packing non essentials and sorting stuff between yard sale and garbage.  It's slow going for me because of this darn magnet in my butt and the one in my chair, whenever I get home, lol.

But now I have motivation.  Wade may have found us the perfect place.  Hubby wants to move to a trailer in Narcoossee(little redneck town right outside of St. Cloud).  Wade found us a double wide on 5 acres, fenced in.  The lady that owns it goes to our church.  She's okay with the dogs and the yard would be perfect for them.   Hubby's a little nervous about the rent, it is a little steep but I don't think it will be a problem. 

So now I really want to be home packing instead of sitting behind this desk, lol.  I'm ready to go!

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Granny Annie said...

For some reason I didn't realize all this was going on in your life. Best part is getting closer to Laya and Rossi. WooHoo!