Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yes I swiped this from a fellow blogger without permission.  However, I did not swipe the whole blog.  I just loved these ideas and wanted to share them.  I will post the link to the blog where I "borrowed" these ideas at the bottom of the link so you can read the whole blog.  And I know there is only one more day left in January for you to do January's acts, but no harm, no foul if you do them another month.  These are some really good ideas and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I honestly may not do all of them, but I am going to give it my best shot.

1.  Clean out your closets/kids rooms/etc. and donate to a shelter or worthy cause.
2.  Find a cause in your community to serve for a day or a few hours.  If you have children, take them so they can experience giving as well. 

1.  Bring Flowers to someone
2.  Tell your Child/spouse that you love them every single day for the month.  You can change it up daily to fit your family.

1.  Thank you police or fire department- take them a baked item.
2.  Leave 5 random notes of love or affirmation in different public places.

1.  Forgive Someone.
2.  Send a care package (ex.  military, friend or family member in college, for any friend just because).

1.  Host a cookie exchange.  Examples of how to do this can be found HERE & HERE.
2.  Write a letter to a family member telling them why you love them. (Great for Mother’s Day!)

1.  Start a piggy bank for a cause- maybe even have kids help by doing extra jobs around house/neighborhood to earn money.
2.  Give Affirmation: Offer encouragement freely to your friends, co-workers, and family.  You can always find something positive to say in any situation!

1.  Leave a sweet message or gift to Thank your mail carrier.
2.  Gather up some books that can be donated to a library or Goodwill/Salvation Army.

1.  Pay it forward in a drive thru; you can pay for 1 or 2 cars back. If you have a plan to do this, you could even write a little Pay it Forward note to wish them a great day.
2.  Cook a meal or a dessert for someone.

1.  Buy some Cat and Dog treats that can be donated to a local Animal Shelter.
2.  Leave a generous tip to a server.

1.  Buy a gift card with a value of your choice and choose a random person to give it to.
2.  Send a letter to a friend to let them know you were thinking about them.

1.  Organize a Teddy Bear Drive, Coat Drive or Shoe Drive for a local shelter. 
2.  Make a list of appreciation: Make a list for your spouse or significant other highlighting all of the different reasons you appreciate them. (this would be great for a Thanksgiving dinner to share appreciation around the table).

1.  Adopt an Angel (child or senior) to be their Christmas Angel to shower them with gifts from their want/need list.
2.  Bring a treat to a friend, work, church or your favorite Dr’s Office ‘just because’ or to Thank them.


Beth Behr said...

Thank you for sharing! This is such a great idea. I actually just called a gift giving service today and planned a gift for every month like your post. I can't wait, the only thing better than receiving gifts is giving them.

Granny Annie said...

Oh if only all of us could do some of these things every month It is a great idea.

Love the pictures of Rossi Jean and Layla on your sidebar. Layla on a cell phone and Rossi helping fix the car!!!

Janette Johanson said...

THanks so much for sharing the heart felt acts!! I'm so excited to help spread the word of giving and appreciate you telling others about our activity each month!! Hope you link up yours in the months to come!! :) hugs!